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I'm a TV Production student, and one of the things they teach us in  my course, is how to make television. Funny that eh?
In this page you will find the films which I have written and directed myself. I have worked on several other films in various roles, but these films are all my own own work. So if you hate them, then you've only got me to blame.

Here's my showreel, which shows some of the footage from the films I have created, and other films I've helped with.

The Playhouse
This was my first year film.
Our brief was to make a short film 5-10 minutes long. Mine was 14 minutes. Never mind.
It is a satire on restaurant life. Mainly influenced by The Office. The film was originally meant to be a Mockumentary but that initial script was far too long. After a re write the mockumentary aspect was lost and the script shortened.

Due to You tube not taking a film more than 10 minutes long, it's spilt into two parts.
I hope you like it.
If you don't then please don't tell me.

And now for Part Two

The 10:03 News
Upon entering second year,  we started a Multi camera class. Here we began making studio based television shows. Here's my final assessment for that class.

The Private Island
This was my entry to The Celtic Media Festival 2011. The competition brief was to make a one minute film, the theme of which was Island.

This film has been submitted and will be shown at The Celtic Media Festival in April 2011. I didn't win, but the right film did.

Robins Induction Day

A school assignment which I took to a whole new level. You were meant to make a 2.5 minute long video with a pre-written script about induction day at college. I re wrote the script and made it all about Robin from Batman & Robin. It's also 9 minutes longer than it's meant to be.

Cooking With Struan

An instructional video telling you how to make a cottage pie, featuring a joke about a dead prostitute. Yeah. I went there.

The Hotel Promo

A short promo video for a hotel in Dumfries.

Suburbia University

A short film telling the stories of three people who inhabit Suburbia Unviersity.

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