Friday, 27 May 2011

Adventures in Stornoway


How's it goin?

Back in March, I did a week long feature on the blog called Island Week. The films featured on Island Week were submissions for a film festival in Stornoway. Out of all the films submitted by my classmates, four of them were deemed good enough to be put forward to the festival, and the four people responsible were taken to Stornoway, all expenses paid.
Which was nice.
It was a long trip. It involved a train, a free meal at pizza express, a coach, a ferry and a coach. During which time I watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory on my iphone, and discovered that my classmate Cat had never, ever read a newspaper before. The whole concept was baffling to her. She genuinely struggled to figure out what to do. In the end she just gave up and stared out the window for another two hours.
The train took us to Inverness and then we waited for a coach to Ullapool in order to catch a ferry to Stornoway. It was a two hour wait until the ferry, so we did what any other sensible group of people would do in this situation, we went to the pub. 
En route to the pub we discovered this sign for a chip shop. Spot the spelling mistake?

It was a long hard 3 days away, filled with drinking and films. And lots of people speaking gaelic.
The festival had lots of various award ceremonies and workshops/lectures to attend. Some of them were very interesting. It was a great we trip away. I made some videos of our trip, and one of the girls with us took about 400 photos.
Here are the videos I made on my eye phone. Sorry they are not the best quality and I couldn't be bothered to edit them in anyway. I'm pretty busy at the moment so you people are lucky to be getting this.

You're welcome!

If you can't see the videos above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

And so it's all over. It was a fantastic three days away, almost all expenses paid. Which was nice. Cat won the green light award and rightly so. Her film was by far the best. I was just happy to get a free trip.

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