Wednesday, 4 May 2011

30 Day Challenge: Challenge Complete!


How's it goin?

So my 30 day challenge has come to an end. Every day for 30 days I posted a picture, or pictures according to a pre determined list I saw on facebook. I hope you enjoyed it.
Jonny Mountain said he is going to miss the daily blog posts. Which was nice of him. I don't think he has much else going on in his life.
During the 30 day challenge, this blog was visited 654 times by 408 unique users from 56 different countries, and even one person from Croyden!

And someone from a town called Chipping Sodbury!
What a great name!

I even had a celebrity reader. The one, the only ROLAND FOOKING RAT!!!

He sent me a tweet regarding Day 30: A picture of someone you miss.

The most viewed post throughout the month of April was not one of my challenge posts, It was The Tale Of The Bratislavan Stag Do: Naked Mud Wrestling, A Stolen Wallet, and A Drink In My Retina! It was viewed 145 times.

The good thing about the 30 day challenge for me was that I wrote it all in advance. The past 30 days have been very busy for me. I went to Stornoway for a few days, I went to Glasgow for a couple of days. I did a two week work placement which I just finished today. I'll be writing about these experiences and more in the next few weeks, which I am sure you are excited about reading. I know dear reader that you have very little else in your life other than this little blog. And that's ok. I still love you. Unless you are a knob, in which case, I don't. 
I also spent a lot of time this past April writing my next book.
The first draft is currently in the hands of my editor who is probably destroying it with the Red Pen Of Doom!
For anyone who cares, my next book is about my experiences last summer. As regular readers will be aware, last summer I went to four weddings in the space of 6 weeks. This book is a chronicling of these events. I'm hoping to have it ready to go in a few weeks. I really need the money, so when it is available, please buy it, and then tell your friends to buy it. It's tentatively titled, 

The Wedding Blogger

4 Weddings
3 Amazing Chat Up Lines 
2 Stag Do's
1 Speech About A Cake

If anyone can come up with a better title I am open to suggestions. No Four Weddings and a Funeral puns tho!

For anyone who is interested, my first book Fifty Envelopes, is now available as a download, and it's only £3. You should buy it if you haven't already. In fact even if you have bought it, you should buy it again, just in case. Sorry, like I said I really need the money. 

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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(WARNING: The previous sentence may have been a lie.)

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