Monday, 25 October 2010

25 Random Pics from The QE2


How's it goin? 

Many moons ago I used to work on The QE2, it was a great time in my life, I spent most of it drunk. 

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A couple of weeks ago I posted 25 random pics from my time in Edinburgh. Well here is something very similar, 25 Random Pics from my time on The QE2.

Adam & Jonny Torpedo went out for a few essentials while we were docked in France.

Some birds

Some girls in Bikini's

Bela prepares for boat drill

Andrea's boobs

It was slim pickins in the crew bar this night. Adam & Bob turned to each other

All three of those shirts belong to me. I still have them.

Our 4 piece ukulele band

One night we just felt like wearing poncho's.

This is just before we jumped off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is me screaming as I am dangled off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand
The guy who took this picture told me to wave my arms, I just continued to scream.

Myself and Aussie Jo, drunk in Barbados.

The ship held a formal party for the crew, most of the male crew wore tuxedo's. We went like this.

The Drinking Team: We Dress to Impress.

Superhero night in the crew bar. Kenny went as Gaydar Man.

A pic from the Cheese & Wine party that Bob and I hosted in our cabin.

Drunk in a nightclub in Quebec. This photo was taken just mere moments before the incident that led to me being banned from Quebec.
One man wearing another man's t-shirt.

It was Adam's birthday on a formal party night for the crew. We all hired tux's and I got Adam a Birthday cake.

Adam got very drunk that night, and he forgot he left the birthday cake on his bed, this was the result.
Yes, that is a very hung over man, trying to clean squashed birthday cake off of a hired tuxedo jacket with a hoover.

One night we just fancied going to the pub in a toga

Stewart decided to soak Phil. Not sure why.

This is what Lefty & Jonny Torpedo wore to the Playboy party.

This is what Steve wore to the Playboy Party.

Claire with my boxer shorts. F.Y.I. That's the same pair I was wearing when I wrote this blog post. 

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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