Monday, 27 September 2010

25 Random pics from Edinburgh


How's it goin? 

From October 2008 to August 2009 I lived in Edinburgh, I returned for the month of August 2010 to work in Tapas Towers for the festival. Here are some random pics from my time in Scotland's capitol.

I had just finished a busy shift at Tapas Towers, when I got home around 1 am, this is how I found Adam. 
It's hard to tell but he is actually asleep. 

I was out for a run and noticed this boarded up building.

It's the words "opening soon" that I really like.

Marta from Tapas Towers has a much needed Red Bull
 it was the biggest can available. We called it the Mega Bull.

Was out for a pint with Adam and Jonny Torpedo and I noticed that Adam had vanished. He had not been seen for nearly 15 minutes. I text him to ask where he was, concerned that he may have been kidnapped. We have super secret codewords for such situations. This is how he replied. 

 Jonny Mountain and my mate Dave in the pub when they were passing through town.

 We got a bit bored in the flat one night, 
and then Jonny Torpedo found tube of hair removal cream.

The partially bald leg.

The mood dinosaur from Tapas Towers, 
This face means the boss is happy.

 This face means the boss is angry.

Adam eating a curry, naked.

Jonny Torpedo eating a curry, naked.

Now this isn't a terribly exciting picture, its just a steak sandwich and a bowl of chips. But I was genuinely excited when I ate this steak sandwich and bowl of chips. This was probably the greatest lunch I ever had while working at Tapas Towers. Mainly because it wasn't tapas.

The German waitress from Tapas Towers had a headache, she tried to cure it by holding a glass to her head. Apparently this was an ancient German ritual.

The view from our living room

A very strange order.

I spotted a sign for this pub, perhaps the Anonymous Teuchter drinks here?

Myself, Ian and Richard P out on the razz ma tazz.

Adam and Ian. (A bit pished)

Ailsa attempts to hide from the customers.

 Adam and Jonny in bed together. The scary thing is, that's my bed.

 Adam trying to look cool. And failing.

Dr KevMark and Jonesy when they came down for the flat warming. Why Mark has that expression on his face remains a mystery.

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