Thursday, 16 September 2010

Reviews of My Book


How's it goin? 

So its been two weeks since I released my book!
And so far I have sold 26!
Most people have said that's not a bad start, and it's not. But I did send over 300 emails telling people to buy it.
So to you 274 people I say, I am very disappointed in all of you.

The reviews have been coming in and for those of you who are yet to buy my book, this might change your mind.

 My friend Jonesy said all he had to say in one simple text.

He was also kind enough to tweet 

His daughter, Gwenno, was also clearly impressed.

This review appeared

Fellow Blogger and Former Stunt Driver (how cool is that?) Ian S Davidson is also a satisfied customer.

Mia, my old shipmate from when I worked
 on the QE2 was impressed.

And my old school mate Gemma sent me this message.

 My co-worker from Vincents also did her part.

And on Sunday I also received this email, via my Dad, from a friend of my parents.

Date: 12 September 2010 12:42:14 GMT+01:00
Subject: Andrews Book

Please forward this to Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Hope this message finds you well!

Loved the book, as a letter writer myself I have every intention of using some of your lines.  I am inspired to write to Tonik tomorrow.  I went there yesterday lunchtime, we couldn't sit outside on the couches at the dirty table and drink wine yet we couldn't sit inside where our shoes stuck to the floor with my 12 year old daughter.

Cried laughing at your Blackpool antics and the locker story!

Looking forward to your next one.


A few days ago I had the following conversation on facebook.

Well Kirsty (or KP as she prefers to be known) took that deal. She has bought my book. And tomorrow is Friday. And regular readers will know that every Friday I write a blog post about someone who is lucky enough to be my friend. So tomorrows Friendly Friday will be all about KP.
Also known as the girl with the red hair.
Also known as the girl with the blue hair.

So tomorrow you're gonna learn all about KP, and read a poem about her left ear. Which is weird. But not my idea.

KP, if you are reading this then I hope you enjoy the book. If you want to be a guest writer on my blog I will gladly let you write a review. You can even draw a picture if you like. 

So all these people have bought my book and enjoyed it. 

Have you bought it yet? 


Why the hell not?

What kind of friend are you?

A crappy friend! 

How dare you not buy my book! 

That's just bang out of order!

Only two things you can do to make it up to me.

Buy my book, and buy me a beer.

To buy my book CLICK HERE!

Two days ago I sent a complimentary copy of my book to Peggy, the owner of the now closed Mother Tuckers. I will let you know if she ever gets back to me.

Have you bought my book? 
What do you think?
Would you like to be featured on my blog?
If you do, then take a picture of yourself with the book, and e-mail it to me with your thoughts and I will feature it on the blog. You, yes YOU could be a guest writer on The Blog Of Andy G! 
I am sure that's something you've been waiting for all your life.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G 

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If you do subscribe then one day maybe, just maybe, I will come round to your house and perform a dramatic book reading from my book.

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