Thursday, 10 June 2010


Hows it goin? 

Like the title of the blog post says. 
Behold the USB stick of Awesomeness!

Why is this particular USB stick so awesome i hear you cry?

Does it contain government secrets?
Does it contain naked pictures of your mum?
Does it contain the Doctor Who Season finale?
Now that would be truly awesome!!

No, my friends, this USB stick contains almost all of my paperwork for my first year of college!

YES it's finally done! I have spent the past 2 days essentially working non stop, and its done!

I even skipped lunch today. That't the first time I've skipped a meal in a long time. Anyone who's seen me in the flesh recently will verify this.

To celebrate the completion of my paperwork, and because he felt sorry for me skipping lunch, my classmate Ian bought me a cake.
It was very nice, altho I don't know what type of cake it was. If only they would put labels on these things.

I spent £15 on printer credit at the IT centre and about an hour printing stuff out! The people sitting beside me seemed to be quite pissed off at my hogging of the printer!

After printing I then spent another hour organising and neatly placing into my folder.
My tutor seemed quite impressed. She said she's sure I'm going to get an A based on what she's seen.


All she's really seen of my paperwork is a big folder full of paper. She hasn't seen what's written on that paper.
And I am fairly certain that 95% of the stuff in my lovely blue folder is bollocks!

That being said I am particularly proud of my evaluation essay. This essay was written at the conclusion of my filming, and is meant to be a self evaluation of your progress through the creative project and your thoughts on your strengths and weakness's. It's meant to be approximately 750 words long. Mine was 2918.

I won't bore you with the whole essay, so here's a couple of highlights.

After my script was finalized and my location reccie was complete I moved onto the very daunting task of storyboarding. I say daunting because I cannot draw, I have the artistic skills of a drunken monkey, a drunken monkey with no hands, a drunken monkey with no hands, and the use of only one eye.

I came up with what I thought was a genius solution, I got some friends together and went to the restaurant when it was closed and storyboarded using my digital camera. My friends and I acted out the entire script and took pictures of the shots I wanted. Sadly I could only convince three of my friends to help me, and I had a cast of 7 characters, this meant that we had to double up, and 2 of us would have to play both a man and a woman. Myself and my friend donned the wigs and acted out our various scenes, and photo’s were taken. We were not very attractive but for the purposes of the storyboard, it was suitable.

The essay then goes on to explain how at the beginning of this project I was slightly over confident and cocky. Being the idiot that I am I did not see the problems that were right in front of me. I also talked about being slightly let down by a couple of people throughout the whole year. This led me to the conclusion of my essay which I am particularly proud of.

I hope that this time next year, when I am approaching the end of this course, if I am writing another one of these evaluation essays I will be writing about the overwhelming sense of achievement and have nothing negative to say. If all goes according to plan that’s what will happen. I am on the whole satisfied with my creative project and I know that next time I will not make the same mistakes I have this time. Many years ago a great man named George Lucas wrote a trilogy of films, and if I may quote from the the finale of said trilogy, I feel this sums up a couple of my weakness’s.
Luke Skywalker
“ Your over confidence is your weakness.”
The Emperor
”and your faith in your friends is yours”
I feel that sums up two of my larger weakness’s I encountered throughout this project, sadly I couldn’t find a suitably apt quote about suffering from a slight sense of disorganization and depression about personal finances. 
My impossible search continues.

So that's it for the majority of my paperwork. Tomorrow morning I am in the edit suite to hopefully finish off the movie, then tomorrow afternoon I am off to Edinburgh for Ian's Wedding. 

Which I am now looking forward to so much more that the paperwork is out of the way. It's such a good feeling.

A weight has been lifted.

I've been carrying around that folder in my bag for months now.

I am still not finished everything. I still need to write another factual script, write a 1000 word essay about starting your own business in the media industry and finish up the edit on the movie. Not too mention fixing all the stuff on the paperwork I just handed in.
But for this weekend, I am no longer the gigantic ball of stress I once was. 

I'm a medium sized ball of stress.

In other news I have finally managed to track down a Boat Hat.
Regular readers will be aware I've been looking for a suitable boat hat for Kevs Stag Do for a while now. 
Thank you very much to my friend Laura for pointing me in the right direction to find the most perfect stag do boat hat you've ever seen.

It has been ordered and delivery is within the next 5-12 days. I leave for Kev's Stag Do in 7 day. 
So here's hoping it arrives in time.

Anyway off to Ian's wedding I go.

I haven't posted about Ian's stag do yet, I wanted to get the wedding out of the way first. Plus I have been incredibly busy with the previously mentioned paperwork. I'll get round to it sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Now I must leave you. I'm off to celebrate handing in my paperwork with a bowl of spaghetti and a caramel slice!

Thats All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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