Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm getting old


Hows it goin? 
Yesterday was my 28th birthday!
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and to those of you who didn't, well I think my facebook status update says it all.

This is not the first time Bob has told me he loves me, and it won't be the last. Can't say I blame him.
And as for you Ian, that's your excuse for everything.

It wasn't just my birthday yesterday. I am lucky enough to share my Birthday with 3 of my friends. (I'm generous like that) 
Who as you can tell, I am very fond of.

Martin, my old shipmate from The QE2
Martin is the guy in between myself and Jonny Torpedo, I'm not sure why but Jonny does appear to be bumming him.

And Jeanine from Ottos
Who is not nearly as good a Karaoke singer as I am

I hope you guys all had a great day. More exciting that mine anyway.

I didn't even have a drink. 

I have had a lot of birthday's (28 to be exact) and the majority of them I can't remember, mainly due to alcohol. My 21st was on board the ship, I remember a bucket of homemade punch, I think I wore a hat. And I kissed a girl. On the lips. Which was nice.

My 22nd birthday was a surprise party in the cabin thrown by Bob. I wanted a nap, then he opened the cabin door and about 15 people strolled into a cabin that could barely hold myself and Bob. This was in the middle of the afternoon, I then had to work dinner service while quite drunk. I don't think any of the customers noticed tho. Except for the woman who's head I dropped the fish on.

For my 25th Birthday we got all the birthday boys and girls together. Marks Birthday is the 26th, his wife Kim's is the 20th, Jonny Mountain is the 23rd, and mine and Aders is the 28th. We had a big night out with dinner at Vincents, then headed into town. I don't remember much, except I think my work got me a Doctor Who cake. Which was nice.

And for the past two years I have been working on my birthday. So yesterday I woke up at stupid o'clock in the morning and headed to college. I am finished all my work, but I promised I would help someone out with filming. 

On the way to school I noticed something odd, the hot girl ratio had increased, dramatically. Usually you see a few nice looking ladies in the city centre but today was mental. Everyone was stunning! I began to think that something was wrong, was this real? 
Was I dreaming?
Was I in The Matrix?
Was this a computer generated fantasy of my own creation?
Was I hallucinating due to the fact I hadn't had a Red Bull in over a month and was now suffering from with drawl?
Perhaps not, perhaps this was reality, maybe this was the wisdom that came with age, the ability to see hot girls everywhere!

Pretty cool super power.

I then walked into a shop to get a much needed Red Bull, I had a hard days filming ahead of me and I needed the energy boost. My dream was then shattered. The person who served me was not attractive. I say person because I am unsure whether it was a man or a woman.


So I mosied onwards to school for filming. I am not entirely sure what the film is about, which is odd seeing as this was my second day on the set. Something about time travel and re incarnation. Seems pretty good so far tho. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Here's a sneak peak:


Yeah, it's a bit of a mind fuck!

So I was in the studio from 9-5, then came home and did something I have never, ever done before.

I cleaned my flat.

But I properly cleaned it, I even hoovered! Until yesterday I was pretty sure that the hoover was actually some kind of sculpture. I daren't touch it incase I invalidate the insurance.

After cleaning the flat I was filled with a strange sense of satisfaction, I had done something sensible. Cleaned up, and cleaned up properly! 
I then did something more unusual. 
I went for a run!
I was being sensible and kinda healthy!
What the hell is happening to me?
Age really does change you.

So I have decided to turn over a new leaf. From now on, everyday I will do some form of exercise and something productive. I have just over 4 weeks until Kev and Alice's wedding. I have already impressed his future in laws with the greatest R.S.V.P. ever written. (I'll share it with you one day if you're lucky) So now I need to impress all the ladies in attendance, which means losing the beer belly!

So that's the new me, the new sensible 28 year old me!

Altho after my run I did have a pizza and a blueberry muffin. But it's my birthday, I deserved something.

But I will try and stick to my new healthy sensible lifestyle. It might be difficult as Adam is on his way to Aberdeen for a couple of days and I have Ali's wedding on Saturday.
Oh well.
At least I have good intentions.

Thats All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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Does not apply if you are Kev or Alice, Or Alice's parents.

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  1. Jonny's birthday is the 23rd June, poor knowledge! :)



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