Friday, 26 February 2010

Friendly Friday: Dr Kev

Hows it goin?

Going through the list of my friends who deserve a mention on this blog I thought I better mention Kev, I realised he is my oldest friend. 

I tried to find an adequate description of Kev on but everyone on there seems to hate him. 
I mean properly hate him. 
I would never reprint what was said about him, but if you want to read it then click here.

I searched for Kevin, here are my top 3:

I think the third is the most accurate.

Kev recently became a Doctor. I can't spell what he is a doctor of, but it's something sciencey.
I am still torn between new nicknames for him, 
My top five are:
  1. Doc
  2. Dr Kev
  3. Dr Watt
  4. Dr W
  5. DW 

I think my favourite out of that list is DW. 
Mainly because I can say the line,
"When there's trouble you call DW."
Admittedly I did steal that from the opening credits of Darkwing Duck, but it still works.
Kev and I have been on many drunken adventures together, our first major outing is when we went to Leeds to visit our friend Richard. Those few days were the drunkest I had ever been, at the time.
Kev was lucky enough to be sharing a room with me in Leeds and was even luckier in the fact that I was in many ways a human alarm clock.
Being woken up by the sound of me throwing up must be the best way to start the day eh?
I also thought it best to feature Kev in my little blog because he has been good enough to give me a role in his wedding.
I think he and his future wife (Alice) felt sorry for me, so gave me a job, kind of like the retarded cousin is told he's in charge of holding the door open or something.
But i'm still happy.
I will be The Master Of Ceremonies.
Which I think technically makes me the most important man involved in the wedding.
Think about it.
The wedding is a ceremony, and I am the Master of Ceremonies.
Without me there is no ceremony.
I am currently looking into my wardrobe for the day, I think I should have some kind of special hat.

Any suggestions?

A poem for Kev

I met Kev in primary school,
even then we knew we were cool.
We've been friends for 17 years,
together we've drunk countless beers.
We once went drinking in the city of Leeds,
and we did many drunken deeds.
I've know Kev since primary five,
without me he wouldn't be alive.
I made that up, it's an exaggeration,
and now he's moving to a new location.
Now he's moving to the land down under,
Who will help me when I drunkenly chunder?
So Kev have fun, when you move to Australia,
I'll keep in touch, I'll email ya.

I did try find a video that would be appropriate for Kev, I couldn't find anything relevant so I though this would be best.
When there's trouble you call DW!

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and click here

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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