Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Short Story

Hows it goin?
In continuation of my frivolous quest to become a writer, I have started to dabble in fiction. Sadly, as you are aware, I have very little talent and my grammar is terrible.

But if you ignore all that then you might like this little story, on the other hand you might think its crap.

But never mind. You don't have to read it.

The Book

It was the year 6057 and mankind was now thriving. Planet Earth was one of the founding members of the intergalactic alliance. Earth was truly paradise, and it was all thanks to The Book.
It wasn't always like this, it took time for Earth to evolve into the paradise it had become.
The Great War began in the year 4000 and lasted for 500 years. 500 years of warfare, of death and destruction. Humanity had already reached the stars by this point, they had made countless allies from hundreds of species, but they all ignored the Earth in time of need. They would not get involved in an internal conflict. Humanity turned on itself.
The war continued to rage, nation against nation. Some countries were completely obliterated, now they only exist in historical record.
Billions of lives were lost.
By the year 4500, the human race was nearly extinct. Less than a million humans were left, but they continued to fight.
Then a discovery was made, in the ruins of an ancient city, thousands of years old. A group of refugees, struggling to survive, stumbled upon an ancient repository of knowledge. It was here they found, The Book.
The Book talked of mankind's greatest hero. It was thousands of years old, many believed that The Book was revered in it's time. It was written to show people how to live their lives, to show people how life should be lived.
It spoke of a man, a great man. He was wise beyond his years. He was worshipped by all he met, it spoke of the charity that was shown to him, and how he enriched the lives of those he knew. It spoke of the miracles he performed, and the great deeds people bore witness to.
The Book gave the people hope. Word of The Book spread, and the fighting slowed. People all over the planet came to hear tales from The Book. The Book became the foundation of a whole new civilisation. It took another millennium, but humanity prospered. All thanks to the teachings of The Book. The Book formed the basis of all society.
When mankind returned to the stars, they continued to spread the word of The Book. They contacted countless new races, visited thousands of new worlds. And they continued to follow the wisdom and teachings of The Book.
Now, over 1500 years since the end of the last great war, humanity is strong again. The Book is now the basis of all religion throughout the 7 explored galaxies.
The Book is the most popular selling book of all time, on every planet, in every galaxy.
The original book was preserved in an ancient monastery, only the sacred monks of Cunningham may visit it.
Below is the only known picture of the original book, may it continue to inspire, for generations to come.

Thats All For Now

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Andy G

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  1. Awesome Mate we have to make that movie THE BOOK :)



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