Friday, 5 February 2010

Back to School: The Top 3 Things I Learned This Week

Hows it goin?
Hope all is cool with you where ever you happened to be in the world.
I am a tad stressed at the moment, filming starts on my movie in 3 weeks and still have to get a cast in place, plus rehearsals, plus I need to take out all the cast for a drink and get one of them drunk enough to sleep with me!
Oh the tough life of a director.
Sadly taking out the cast for a beer is looking unlikely as I am completely skint.
I haven't been getting many shifts at Vincents lately. I'm told this is because it's not busy enough at the moment, I think it's probably because I lost the plot at christmas and quit for 3 days.

So money is tight, which is a pain, it's Dazza's birthday tonight and a few folk are headin out for a drink and Dave even said he was going to have an orangeade. I am gutted I am going to miss this, but sadly at the moment I can't even afford the bus fare into town.

So tonight, instead of going out and drinking too much, dancing like a nutter and arguing with some english girl in a queue for a night club, I will be staying in, drinking black tea cos I don't have any milk, and writing a begging letter to the Student funding office and asking for a grant. I am told they have thousands upon thousands of pounds to give to the poor and needy like me.
I really am needy, honest.
I really, really need a pint!

The time table at school changed last week, I am now in there at 9am on a Monday
11am on a Tuesday
9am on a Wednesday
and 10:30 am on a Thursday.
Two 9am starts? I am in serious trouble, and the worst part about this is I can no longer afford Red Bull.
I have written them another letter asking if they would be interested in sponsoring me, I'll let you know how it goes.

So with a new time table means new and interesting class's.
Well new ones at least. We still get time to work on our film and our wednesday morning class is still on for another 10 weeks.
However, I am seriously considering sleeping in on a wednesday, at least for an extra half hour.
For the first half hour in that class on Wednesday morning I did very little, I went on Facebook with my mobile and sent a couple of texts.
The girl sitting next to me was also bored, she decided to keep herself amused by sprucing up my notebook.

So that was a productive morning.
We did get some stuff done during the week. It wasn't all crazy drawings of what are apparently penguins, jumping off a cliff and a carrot which then got changed to a killer triangle of doom.

The Top 3 things I learnt this week are:

Natalie cannot tell a joke.

Cat has a list of things she won't do for money
I have done at least one of those things.

and most importantly

Never, ever, under any circumstances, let KP near you with a marker pen.

Yes, that is my arm, and yes, that it is the word Love, and yes, that is a drawing of a penis.

I wonder how many people are going to accidentally find this blog by searching for "Love Penis?"

Place your bets now.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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If you subscribe then I promise I will never ever draw a picture of a penis on your arm.

P.S. All week I have been listening to the Mumford & Sons Album, It's brilliant. This is currently my favourite song, the video is a bit odd but the song is ace.

If you can't see the video I posted above then stop reading this crap on facebook and click here.


  1. Andy i know i cant tell jokes. One day will get one joke right! Amazing drawing..was that KP that drew it?



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