Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another thing I learned last week but forgot to mention

Hows it goin?

I arrived at school on Monday morning, with a spring in my step. Today was audition day, today was student loan day and most importantly, I just downed a can of Red Bull. So I was in an uncharacteristically good mood considering it was 9am. 

Then, quite out of the blue, one of my classmates, Becca, said quite abruptly,

"I was very disappointed in your blog on Friday."

This took me somewhat by surprise. It is no secret that I possess the literary skills of a retarded monkey, but most people are nice enough to ignore that and not tell me, fearing that I might cry or something.

I probably would, I can be quite emotional you know.

However, her disappointment did not stem from my atrocious spelling, she didn't care about my appalling grammar, she wasn't even bothered about the there/their issue. 
(Aders, I promise you I'm working on it.) 
None of that bothered her, I don't think she even noticed. Her disappointment came from the Top 3 Things I learned that week.
She was shocked to discover that I had forgotten to include the most important lesson learned in that week.

The list did not include the fact that it is never a good idea to piss Becca off.

You should never ever got on her bad side, or any woman's bad side for that matter, but especially Becca's.

One day last week we entered our classroom as we always do and most of the class usually end up sitting in the same seat every week. 
On this particular day, she was one of the last people to enter the classroom and someone was sitting where she usually would.
And she was not happy about this.

"THAT'S MY SEAT!" She screamed.

I was terrified.

I swear, there was steam coming out of her ears and her eyes were glowing red like she was possessed.
(Warning: The previous sentence may be an exaggeration.)
I had never seen this side of Becca before.
I now believe she may kill us all one day.
Sadly I did not take a picture of her when this happened. This is mainly due to the fact I was paralysed with fear, like a rabbit caught in the headlights, all I could do was look on as Becca threatened to put a curse upon everyone's children for the next ten generations.
(Warning: this also may be a slight exaggeration.)

I feel it is my duty to warn the people of Aberdeen, and indeed the world.
Yes, it's true, people all over the world read all the CRAP I write. I even had someone reading in Dundee.
I don't know who you are lonely Dundonian, but I hope you manage to escape soon. 

Anyway back to the point of this post.

If you ever see Becca, do not, under any circumstances, piss her off!

If she say's jump.
You say, "how high?"

Here is a recent picture of Becca and another classmate Cat (the one who drew this picture of me), this was taking while they were watching porn on Cat's laptop.
(Becca is the one on the right)

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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