Friday, 2 April 2010

Friendly Friday: Aders


Hows it goin?
Today I'm gonna talk about Aders. has 20 definitions of Adrian, the one above was my favourite.

Aders and I met in secondary school. He was lucky enough to sit next to me for standard grade Chemistry and Physics. It was there we became fast friends, mainly due to the fact we both loved Friends and Shooting Stars. In fact it was during a particularly dull chemistry class where Aders declared me a "Friends Guru" after passing a quiz he created.
As you can tell this is something I am very proud of.
Aders and I also share a birthday and a middle name, which I found to be very spooky when he first told me this.
Aders has become an even better friend over the years. As I have mentioned before Drunk Aders is probably one of my favourite people in the world. Their is nothing wrong with Sober Aders, but Drunk Aders is quite often unintentionally funny.

Drunk Aders once attempted to chat up a girl by using the line,

"Have you heard about Andy's dick? It's huge!"

And it worked, I can't remember if he pulled her but he spoke to her for ages, and that's something.

At Kev and Alices engagement party he even attempted to chat up a girl on my behalf. The girl in question was talking to some guy at the bar. So Aders offered to go up to the guy and punch him in the neck to get him away from her. I was much more sober (a rare thing but I promise you it's true) and told him it was alright and not to bother. He ignored me, he walked over to the guy, and panic gripped me. Was he away to start a bar room brawl? Had he been watching The Karate Kid again and got carried away?
He went up to the guy and said,

"Excuse me, my friend wants me to punch you in the neck!"

The guy looked quite confused as I pulled Aders away.

It was a nice gesture tho.

A poem for Aders

I met Aders in secondary school,
we talked about Friends and thought we were cool.
I sat next to him in chemistry for nearly 2 years,
later in life, we shared many beers.
Having Aders as a friend is truly ace,
don't talk to my girl, or he'll punch you in the face!

Here's a video that I hope Aders will enjoy.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

Thats All For Now

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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