Saturday, 24 April 2010

QE2 Superhero Party

Hows it goin?
Here is another video I found in my old external hard drive.

It's from my time on the ship. Quite often to keep the crew from going insane, the crew bar organised theme party's. This particular party was a superhero theme. 

I decided to go as Super Scotsman!

A superhero of my own creation.

I put great effort into making my own costume. At the time I didn't own a Kilt so I got a tartan rug, and used that. I bought a tool belt and turned it into my utility belt complete with a can of tennants super, a tin of haggis and 2 silly string guns. Top that off with a scotland flag for a cape and a pair of superman boxer shorts incase someone feels like lifting the kilt, and I have to admit I was looking pretty fucking awesome!

Sadly the judges that night were even more drunk than me. 

They awarded me third place!


I came behind someone dressed as the woman from Goldmember and Buzz Lightyear. 

Buzz Lightyear is cool, but come on!

They both bought costumes! 

Surely that's cheating. I created mine. And I invented a superhero, The Super Scotsman. 
Who in retrospect I really wish I called The Flying Scotsman. 

Yeah that would have been better.

Never mind.

Here's the video of us getting ready before we head up to the bar.
This video features myself, Adam, Stewart Willies, Martin Bown (one of my most dedicated readers along with his wife Janet), George Bush and Saddam Husein. 
If you can't see the video below then stop reading this crap on Face book and CLICK HERE

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