Monday, 19 April 2010

Casino Birthday Party

Hows it goin?

Last Friday was the third birthday party of Vinnies Casino in Aberdeen. I am a big fan of Vinnies Casino, mainly cos my boss is a co owner. I even have on my C.V. that I was an essential part of the management team involved in the opening of Vinnies Casino. 

This is a massive exaggeration. 

I helped put the bar together, moved a couple of sofa's and emptied a big store room. But as far as my C.V. is concerned, without me that casino would not exist. 

The opening night 3 years ago was a great night, I got quite drunk and won £80.

I was really looking forward to the casino Birthday party, I managed to get my hands on a few tickets and sent a few texts to see who wanted to come. A few people were interested and the night out was beginning to take shape.

Now I know what you're thinking, (not literally).

"Hang on a minute Andy, you're always fucking moaning about how broke you are, how can you afford to go to a night out in a casino, have you been lying to me? You bastard! I fucking hate you!"

Well first of all, how about easing up on the language eh? 
Calm down.

The reason I can afford to go on this night out is because it features two of my favourite words,


Hell yes! I was so looking forward to this, it was gonna be awesome, just what I needed to get me out of my usual shitty mood.

Then I got a text.

The manager of Vincents had been given the sack.


This meant there was no one to run the restaurant on Friday night. So being the good little restaurant bitch I am, I said I would do it. I am in desperate need of cash and the casino birthday party was a  "dress to impress" occasion and  my suit no longer fits me. So this will save me buying a new one.

I called all the guys and arranged to drop off the invites with Stevo and I would meet them after I finished work.

So I worked a very dull Friday night and those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may have read this.

Why so many people chose to "like" this baffles me. Why would you take pleasure in my pain? 

You bastards!

I was stuck in the restaurant until after 11 with these people. They were the only people left from 10pm onwards. After I had done everything I could possibly do to keep busy I sat on a table and stared at them for at least 30 minutes. 
My jedi mind powers are obviously weak as it took half an hour for them to leave.

After they left, I went out to meet whoever was left of my friends. Only 4 people lasted the night. Aders, Mark, Dave and Stevo. And they were all clearly smashed. I was sticking to the beers as I didn't want to play catch up. We hit a couple of pubs and then headed to Espionage, mainly cos it's free and we are all cheap. 

Especially me.

Espo was good banter and we had a bit of a boogie, it's hard not to when Mark is pished. He likes to think he's got the moves but he is nowhere near as good as me.

We ended up losing Stevo and Dave. 

No idea how.

Mark and Aders went for a late night pizza and to get a taxi home, I decided to walk home as I live in the opposite direction.

So I was walking up union street on my way home, minding my own business when destiny called.

I saw something on the pavement, something impossible. I looked around me to see if anyone else was nearby. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. No one else was around so I was unsure if what I was seeing was real or a hallucination brought on by corona and an over active imagination.

I knelt down, reached out and picked it up, it was real. This was really happening. This was perhaps one of the greatest moments of my life!


It was just lying on the pavement, waiting for me.

£20, and now it was all mine!


I think this was fate telling me something. I was only 2 minutes walk from the casino and I now had £20 which I didn't have before.

Surely this is fate telling me to gamble.

At least that's how my semi drunk mind chose to interpret this sequence of events.

I wandered into the casino, bumped into a couple of guys from work and shared in my good fortune by buying them both a beer. I then headed to the tables.

I was feeling lucky so I started with roulette, I used the £5 chip that has been in my wallet for over a year and made my usual bet (black 29). 

I lost.

Black 29 is what I always bet on roulette, it has magical powers, but it cannot be abused. The universe had already given me £20, it wasn't gonna give me my black 29 too.

I decided to hit the three card poker table, yes that was it. The universe wouldn't give me my black 29 but it couldn't deny me a victory at the poker table. Poker is one of the three things I am good at,

I lost two hands in a row.

Then I put it all down.

I was very pissed off now. 

I had been given £20!

For free! It was mine,

Then I just went and fucking wasted it.

I was a fucking muppet.

I didn't care any more.

I just wanted the casino to take my money so I could leave, I wanted to go home and sulk.

I put down my remaining chips, not even bothering to look at my cards.

The dealer turned over his cards, he had a Jack high. Not very impressive but probably enough to beat me.

The guy next to me had a pair of aces, so he doubled his money. 

It's always the guy next to me who gets the good cards.


Then the dealer turned over my cards.

An Ace, a two and a three!

I had a straight!

A fucking straight!

Not a straight flush but still a fucking straight.


I picked up my chips and left with 50 quid more than I sat down with.

Not too shabby.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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