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TV from the weekend


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Ok I'm not gonna lie to you, things are gonna get a little geeky.
This post has some video's in it, so stop reading this crap on facebook and

3 great TV shows from the weekend.

Beware of spoilers!!

Stargate Universe

After a 5 month absence from our screens Stargate Universe returned. There are 10 episodes left of the first season and so far every episode has been brilliant. With the latest being no exception. I was disappointed that the return of Dr Rush came so soon, it was still a cracking episode.


Another cracking return to form with the third and final series of Ashes to Ashes. I think Sam Tyler is going to make a return in some form, and who the hell is Gene Hunt??

and of course the best for last,


It was brilliant!

Matt Smith was brilliant as the newly regenerated Doctor. Steven Moffat is a great writer and I look forward to the rest of the series. The groundwork has been laid for a recurring theme throughout the series, with the comments from the baddie,
"The universe is cracked, the pandorica will open, silence will fall."

What's a pandorica?
Series one had Bad Wolf.
Series two had Torchwood.
Series three had Saxon.
Series four had the missing planets.
The specials had the "knock four times."
And now series five has "silence will fall."
I wonder what that means.
Did anyone notice the crack on the doctors monitor at the end of the episode?
It was very similar to the crack on Amy Pond's wall.
I suspect that will come back to haunt the characters later.
I also think the doctor has another reason for choosing Amy Pond as his companion, not just cos he's lonely, but something to do with the crack in the wall.
That's just my theory.

I also really liked the line "Who the man?"

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