Monday, 5 April 2010

An update on my New Years Challenges

Hows it goin?

Regular readers might remember at the end of 2009 I set myself 10 challenges for 2010.

Most of these were particularly easy tasks, hence the reason I said I would do them. Since it is now April I thought I better give you an update on how I am getting on.

1 I will find Dave Bailey and buy him a pint!

I haven't done this yet. I have a couple of leads and I hope to follow up on them this summer.

2 I will complete my 50 envelope challenge.

This is coming along nicely, I am over half way through, I haven't put them all online yet as I am hoping that replies are en-route.

3 I will write and direct my own film.

The film is written, but since I am on holiday from school at the moment filming is currently on hiatus until mid April.

4 I will not fail school.

So far, so good. Altho at the moment I am suffering from an extreme lack of motivation. That's one of the reason I am doing the Blog ever day for a month, I am hoping that writing everyday will bring out my creative side.

5 I will take a road trip down south.

Not got round to this yet, I am hoping to get round to this in summer time, assuming I can get some money.

6 Super secret amazingly awesome project number 1.

Alright, confession time. This was meant to be a surprise party for Kev, it was his birthday and he became a doctor in January. So Alice (his future wife) and myself were organising a surprise party for him, it was going to be epic. I was even going to do a musical number. But then Alice told him about it. In her defence she did have her reasons. Kev had his big doctor interview 3 days after the date we wanted for the party.

7 Super secret amazingly awesome project number 2.

This project is coming along nicely, I don't want to say too much but it is awesome, and amazing! I hope to make an announcement revealing the details of this super secret project within a couple of months.

8 I will start watching 24.

Not got round to this yet, I will eventually. Can someone lend me the DVD? I am too poor to buy it.

9 I will finally watch Lord Of The Rings.

Same as above

10 I will go to Edinburgh zoo.

I will be in Edinburgh in late April for filming with my classmates, I will be back in June for Ian's wedding, and Adam is back in August so I'm sure I will be down in Edinburgh then. So I will def visit the zoo on one of these occasions and I will try my best to steal an animal. I'm thinking a monkey, or maybe a penguin.

So that's about it, considering how easy my challenges are, I am quite disappointed that I have done so little of them. I will keep you updated as to my progress throughout the year.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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