Sunday, 11 April 2010

Production Diary Entry 7: Hiatus

Hows it goin?
Filming is currently on hiatus, the main reason for this is the college is closed for easter holidays. Also for the past few weeks the majority of the equipment has been very difficult to get hold of. Also I have been a very disorganised and under motivated, lazy bugger and not done much.
I am hoping to finish filming by end of April at latest, this gives me all of May and June to get the edit done, assuming I get off my fat ass and actually do some work.

In the mean time I will be helping other people on various productions.
I am acting for Sol, you can read about his film HERE.
I am also acting and helping Cat on her film, I can't remember what job I have for Cat. I think it's runner, which is code for Bitch.
I am also meant to be doing sound on Natalies film, and I think that's it. I may have forgotten someone, sorry.

So that's it.

Since I haven't done much lately, I have included some videos that my classmates have done in recent weeks.

You will no doubt notice that they are all very good, and my classmates are vastly more talented than I.

Our class was recently asked to participate in the celtic film festival, the entry requirements were to make a one minute film based on the theme, Green. You can interpret that anyway you want. I didn't enter anything, mainly cos lately I have been a miserable bastard and couldn't motivate myself to make anything. Just as well I didn't, as the films made by my classmates were very good and they would most certainly have beaten any shite I came up with.

Please find below several videos made by my very talented classmates. But if you're reading them on facebook then you won't be able to see them!!

Maija's entry. With this she has secured a place in the festival and is getting a free trip to Ireland.

Another winning Entry from KP and Laurence. They too are off to Ireland for free

Becca's Entry

Ian's entry

Sol also entered a film and also won a place on the free trip to Ireland, he hasn't uploaded his yet.
It's very good tho.

This next video has nothing to do with the Celtic media festival, it's something my classmate Scott made in his own time.

if you like this there are 7 more on his You Tube Page.

Congrats to the guys who are off to Ireland, hope you guys have a great time.

Have a Guiness for me.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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  1. K.P isn't getting to go even though she is indeed the co-producer/director of her film. Due to doing the law class and knowing about defamation I will not comment about how the College treated her. Do Ya Love the Green V.1 is not my finished movie just my first rough cut and as there were issues with accomodation (for me) and issues with the same College person (I was going to say a bad word but hey DEFAMATION!!) who deemed it right not to even offer K.P the chance to go Beccas entry didn't count. However it turns out that they are both on Cat's crew and wouldn't be able to go any way.

    Ian :)



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