Sunday, 25 April 2010

A pretty miserable blog entry.

Hows it goin? 
I am writing this on Saturday night, I have been given the night off. Ever since the manager was sacked I got a few more shifts which was good for me cos I am desperate for cash. They have now hired a new manager, who actually used to be the manager years ago, before me. So this means they don't need little old me on this rather dull saturday night.

On Sunday I begin filming again for my movie.
I am not nearly as organised as I would like to be.

My notes are a complete mess and I can't figure out what my own writing means. And I have read the script around 300 times now and I am struggling to see any humour in it!


I have 10 weeks until the end of term and this movie has to be finished. 


I am very, very disorganised.

I have become a bit disillusioned with school of late. Mainly because I am a miserable bastard. 
I am thinking about not going back for the second year. I think if I leave after the first year I think I will get an HNC and then I can go and get a proper job. (NOT in a restaurant)
My HNC is not worth much in the media industry and if i'm honest with myself I am not nearly as talented as I like to think I am. 

I'm getting to the point where I am struggling to see the point of going to school.
I recently learned I can't get funding to go to uni because I have already been in further education twice before. Just as well really, if my track record is anything to go by then I probably won't do well at uni. And I can't even spell disertaeshon.

So if I stay and finish my HND I can try and apply for a traineeship or something like that but I am struggling to cope financially at the moment and I can't see that changing if I am in a traineeship or something similar.

So that's my state of mind at the moment. 
Fuck that's a bit depressin eh?

Bugger this! 

I'm off to drink a bottle or 2 of that incredibly cheap red wine I have in the cupboard.
This was a shitty little depressing post wasn't it? 
Here's a video to hopefully cheer everyone up.
If you can't see the video then stop reading this crap on Facebook and CLICK HERE.

After reading this post some people might think I'm losing my mind. Well don't worry I'm not as crazy Tom Cruise.

This song was written and performed by Jonathon Coulton. It's very good as are the rest of his songs.

Thats All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Andy!
    I'm sorry you are a little depressed at the moment
    May I suggest you make a movie on the rise and rise of Alex O'Loughlin! I could lead you to websites with lots of pretty pictures and videos!
    And while your doing this, go and see 'The Back up Plan.
    As before, this has been a community service annoucement.



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