Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Resolutions my arse

Hows it goin?

Im not a big fan of news years resolutions, I don’t think I've ever actually made any. I was a vegetarian throughout all of January 2007, this was not so much a new years resolution but more of a bet. My then colleague and future flat mate Richard bet me I couldn’t do it. It was understandable as I had meat with every meal, some meals that’s all I had.

But I did it. I was a vegetarian for all of January 2007 and I earned a pound a day for my efforts. The bet was actually with two people, Richard and Luke The Magic Man, Richard eventually did the honourable thing and paid me my money, Luke The Magic Man never did. He doesn’t believe I did it. The sad thing is I really did. This was particularly difficult when we went for our staff night out, while the rest of the staff were enjoying a selection of fantastic chinese dishes filled with, chicken and beef and pork and prawns, I was enjoying a bowl of tofu and mixed vegetables. By enjoying I mean drowning in beer.

Anyway, New years resolutions are all bullshit, it's an excuse for people to try and convince themselves they are going to change there lives. If you really want to join a gym and lose weight then why wait till January 1st, do it now fatty!

As we enter the last few days of 2009 I started to think about my year. What was 2009 for me? The year started off in Edinburgh and finished in Aberdeen.

It was the year I worked in Tapas Towers,

It was the year I went back to school.

It was the year I saw Danny Wallace in the street in Edinburgh.

It was the year I got engaged, twice.

It was the year I got so angry at work I quit my job in front of a customer

It was the year I lost a dear friend.

It was the year I grew a beard

It was the year Adam burned the hair off his balls with magic cream

It was the year I got drunk at my friends wedding

It was the year I got drunk at my friends wedding in Blackpool

It was the year my friend had a baby and named her after me.

I don't care what anyone says, she's called Baby G!!!!

Ever since 20o1 I’ve come up with a slogan, something that will define the upcoming year for me. Something that states the kind of year I hope to have:

2001 lets have some fun

2002 What will I do?

2003 its all about me!

2004 it won’t be a bore

2005 it wont be a dive ( it was)

2006 ill get out of the sticks

2007 its gonna be heaven

2008 its gonna be great

2009 its gonna be mine!

2010 ????

I dunno, what will 2010 be for me.

2010 I’ll meet a girl called Jen?

2010 Ill talk to my friend Ben?

2010 I dinnae ken?

2010 I'll go for dinner at zen?

2010 we’ll meet again?

Not sure yet.

As I said I don’t really believe in News Years resolutions, with that in mind, I have set myself a number of New Year Challenges.

Since this is the tenth year of this new millennium, I have compiled a list of 10 Challenges I must complete before the end of 2010.

1 I will find Dave Bailey and buy him a pint!

As regular readers will know, Dave Bailey is a fucken legend! After he disappeared no one has heard anything from him. He must be out there somewhere. I will find him and buy him a pint!

2 I will complete my 50 Envelope Challenge

I will finish this, I’ve written about 10 letters so far. I have received very few replies. I will get all 50 done by the end of the year.

3 I will write and direct my own film

This is actually a requirement for school, so its not so much of a challenge but a demand of the college, but it still seems worth mentioning.

4 I will not fail school

I say this because I am a pessimistic bastard. I dropped out of school the first time around and then quit uni the following year. This is mainly because I was a drunken moron, now I admit that not much has changed. I am still a drunken moron, the difference now is………..

Well alright there is no difference now.

5 I will take a road trip down south

I’ve been saying Ill do this for years but never got round to it. I did a cross country trip around 3 years ago and it was ace. I saw all my old shipmates. This time around I'm gonna go down to London and work my way back home, I'm gonna try and see all the people I haven’t seen in years, Like the guys I lived with when I lived in Middlesbrough. Most of them have kids now, that’s fucken mental! And of course I'll catch up with all the old QE2 crew.

6 I will take part in super secret

amazingly awesome project number 1

I can’t tell you anything about this, it’s a secret, and its awesome.

7 I will take part in super secret

amazingly awesome project number 2

Same as above

8 I will start watching 24

Everyone tells me its ace. I just never got around to watching it

9 I will finally watch lord of the rings

same as above

10 I will go to Edinburgh Zoo

I lived in Edinburgh for nearly a year, and I never got round to visiting the zoo, I went there once when I was very young, I think it's about time I went back, Adam & I always wanted a pet monkey, I am sure they can't be that expensive from Edinburgh zoo.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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