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Rod & Brons Xmas Party Part III: Return Of The Magic Piano


Hows it goin?

This is the final chapter in the trilogy that is Rod & Brons Xmas Party
For Part III keep reading dumbass.

After the games were done, the judge announced,

"It's just a massive piss up now!”

Myself and most of the Aberdeen contingent were knackered by this point. Plus it was incredibly warm in the flat. Kev went out for a fag and a couple of people went outside just to get some air. I grabbed a red bull from the fridge and followed. After a few minutes we headed back in and Rod had a look of panic on his face, he thought we all left.
He had forgotten about his grand finale. He was going to play something on The Magic Piano.

He went to great deal of trouble to get a special roll to put in his magic piano to play this song. He started pressing the pedals with ferocious force and the first few chords played. None of us knew what he was playing at first, everyone looked slightly confused.
But then I heard something,
something familiar,
I know that song!
Its one of the greatest songs in the world ever!
Not not the song from labrynth, but that is awesome!
It was Bohemian Rhapsody, we started to sing along at the bits people could remember, I of course knew it all, but found it difficult to keep up with Rods unique interpretation of the song, it went from very fast to very slow at random intervals.
The only reason I recognized the song in the first place is because I have watched this video about 300 times in the past week.
If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on FaceBook and Click Here.
After he completed the song he received a well earned round of applause which could be heard from as far away as the next room.
Then the proper piss up started.
Kev at one point seemed to go a bit mad with power. He found a water pistol from one of the crackers and proceeded to shoot everyone with it. He seemed to get FAR too much pleasure out of doing this. At one point I think he thought he was Bond.

The banter was flowing all night, the girls seemd quite impressed by one of Rods presents,
Some kind of weird crazy sticks game,

Most people seemed to be quite engrossed in watching this game unfold. I got a little bored, its just picking up sticks.
As most of you may know I am addicted to my phone, I struggle to go more than half an hour before I need to play on facebook or twitter. So while everyone watched the weird stick game, I decided to send a tweet. I took out my phone and noticed I had a voicemail.
This was no ordinary voicemail. I was a drunken message from Ilaria, one of the the ex waitress's from Vincents. All the staff back in Aberdeen were having a few well earned drinks after a busy christmas shift and apparently I came up in conversation. This inspired Ilaria to call me and leave me this message.
I think I might be engaged, again.
If you can't see this video, your a fool! How many times have I told you?????
Stop Reading this crap on facebook and Click here!!

Thats two engagements in less than 3 weeks. Here's how the last one happened
Does that make me a bigamist?

I am irrestable to women.
I must remember that!!
I was curious as to where this sudden marriage proposal came from, I sent a couple of texts to find out.
Now some people think I make up all the crap I put on here. Sadly it is all true! Everything I type has really happened. So, rather than just retype the text into the blog, I have taken a picture of my phone with the texts displayed. This way no one can accuse me of making stuff up.

Not spoken to her since, I'm not sure if the engagement is still on.
After this, the night starts to become something of a blur, I remember drinking lots, I remember talking to Sean about a Crystal Maze themed party he once went to. I remember Mark falling asleep on the sofa. I remember talking about the idea of a "Dick off" I don't mean slicing anything off. Just having a competition of Dicks. I can't remember why this conversation started or who started it. I don't think we participated in this event. But I can't be 100% sure.
Eventually the night dwindled down and people started to head home, eventually it was just the people staying over who were left. And James, (Rods brother) who was more drunk than anyone I have ever seen. He had a cunning plan to head into town and pull some girls while waving about a slice of ham, how he intended to accomplish this is Morley at 4 in the morning was beyond me. He never made it out to town, we all blew up our various air mattress's and got ready for bed while James staggered about the living room and eventually crashed on the couch. In the morning he was gone.
Like a drunken yorkshire ninja, he disappeared into the night. Most likely to get more alcohol and throw it in someone's retina!
It truly was an awesome weekend, and once again a massive thanks to Rod & Bron for having us and for all the hard work they put in.

Thats all for now
Until Next Time
Have A Nice
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