Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Casting Call

Hows it going?

As I mentioned the other day I am making a film for school, and as such I need a cast. And I have decided to turn to you!

Would you like to be in my movie?

There is nothing dodgy going on.

The Film is called The Playhouse, filming is scheduled to start in mid-late January every sunday, this will probably take a few weeks. Be warned we will be starting in the morning and working throughout the day. Filming will take place In Aberdeen, in the restaurant where I work.
Sadly, as this is a student film, no money can be offered as payment, this is because I have none. I will however be very grateful and will buy you lots of drinks!
This film is being made as part of my course, so it will be shown to everyone doing my course as well as all my lecturers, and if it is good enough it may be shown in The Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen.

How cool is that?

Imagine if you are lucky enough to get a part in my film, you could tell people your away to the Cinema to see YOUR FILM (well more specifically my film, that you are in.)
This Film has been written by and will be directed by me.
Be warned, If you choose to participate in this film you MUST COMMIT! If you don't turn up for one days filming then you will really fuck up my film, and my chance of graduating.
If you are interested please get in touch, Although please be aware just cos you send me an email it doesn't mean you'll get a part.

You need to Audition, In order to get this into the belmont I need people who can act.
The first draft of the script has been written, It will probably change cover the next few weeks and there is a chance that certain characters may be written out, and new ones brought in to replace them, but at the moment the characters are as follows

Christopher Kennedy
He is The Manager of the Restaurant, Its his whole life, He is very very dedicated to his job, and for the most part is quite good at it. He is slightly gullible and the staff occasionally take advantage of this. He loves his job and gets on very well with the customers, mainly because he sucks up to them so much.

Steve The Waiter
A smart arse, but a good one. Full time waiter in the restaurant.
Doesn't really care that much about the job, but gets on with it.
Generally well liked by the staff.

Waitress 1
She's a waitress, this is a small part with only a couple of lines but integral to the story.
She will also be seen in the background.

Waitress 2
She's a waitress, this is a small part with only a couple of lines but integral to the story.
She will also be seen in the background.

The Rude Man
A rude customer in the restaurant, very arrogant, this is a main character,
and the whole story revolves around him.

The Rude Mans Wife
A non speaking part, she attempts to speak but gets cut off by her rude husband.

Vinnie The Owner
A very Intimidating person, owns the restaurant, very rich, very well dressed,
looks a bit like a gangster. Doesn't take shit from any one

Henry The Head Chef
Head Chef of The Playhouse, older guy, doesn't like most of the staff.
Just gets on with the job, gets angry when customers complain about the food for no reason.

Second Chef Dave
This is a small part, one one line of dialogue but I am thinking about
expanding this character in a re write.

As well as the above characters I do need several "Background Artists" (extra's). The film is set in a restaurant and as such, I will need people in the background who are eating dinner. The cheapest microwaveable food known to man will be provided as props. This will be a true test of your acting ability as you will need to look like your enjoying it.
Anyone wanting to be an extra will also get a free drink. If your eating in a restaurant then you will be drinking won't you.

Anyone interested in auditioning please get in touch and let me know what part you are interested in.


Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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