Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Petes Birthday Party (A.K.A. The Drunkest I Have Ever Been: Episode II The Vino Strikes Back!


Hows it goin?

Last week I told you about The drunkest I have ever been, the only evidence of that drunken adventure existed in a video I discovered on my phone the next day.
I have just had another similar experience,

Last saturday it was Pete's Birthday. If you don't know who Pete is, here's a pic. If you see him on the street, go up to him and give him a big hello hug from me!

Anyway, he invited most of the staff from Vincents round for the party. I was working that night but I arranged to get away early. This in retrospect may have been a mistake. This meant I started drinking earlier, and I didn't have any dinner. I finished work around 10 ish, Althea & Illaria came to the restaurant where we had a couple of bottles of wine before heading over to Pete's.
I can't remember but I think we had 2 or 3 bottles of wine in the restaurant, then we headed over to Pete's house. It was then the serious drinking started.
Pete made it clear in his invite that it was a cocktail Party and all guests were to dress smart. I went out and bought a new t-shirt especially

As soon as I entered the party, Pete handed me a glass of some kind of cocktail. I blame this for getting me so drunk. After finishing that I moved back onto the wine. The party was pretty busy, most of the staff came after they finished work.
Then the serious drinking started. The last thing I remember clearly is talking to Paul in the hallway, he mentioned his tongue had turned blue and I thought this was the greatest thing ever.

After that everything is kind of a blur, I have been having flashbacks for the past few days. Every now and then an image will pop into my head. I vaguely remember talking to Kieron about his hair, I remember drinking wine straight from the bottle. I remember losing my camera and I remember finding someone running around with it, but I can't remember who, and thats about it. I'm told I passed out on the sofa, during which time Ivano drew on me with an ultraviolet pen. When someone woke me up I am told I then went and grabbed the nearest bottle of wine and proceeded to drink it ALL on my own. Apparently some time later I had a fight with a chair, for some reason I pushed a chair across the room with some degree of force. This knocked over a glass of wine on to Danny's computer. I have no memory of this, nor do I know why I would be fighting with a chair in the first place. I'm quite fond of chairs, I use them every day, I think the chair probably started it. I was then racked with guilt, I apologised alot and then wandered off.

I woke up the next day very confused, my head was pounding I was fully dressed, this may have been because I was too drunk to get undressed or the fact its fucken freezin in my flat. There was half a pint of water on my bedside table and a Nurophen packet with two missing pills on my bed. Obviously I had enough common sense to drink some water and have a pain killer before I went to bed, just not enough sense to get under the covers.
I text Danny to check on his computer and to apologise again. He said his computer is fine but the keyboard is a bit sticky.

Personally I blame the chair!

The rest of Sunday was a total waste of a day. I did very very little, I only left the sofa twice.
I checked my camera and discovered lots of photo's including 2 of someones arse. I dunno who's.
Maybe mine.

I also discovered a video, yes I had done it again. I had made a video while smashed.

Just like the other one, I have no memory of making this video.

If you can't see the video then stop reading this shite on facebook and click here

Thats all for now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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