Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Hows it goin?
A few people have asked me lately about Vincents, as they know that's not the name of the restaurant where I work.
Vincents is indeed a codename.
I renamed my restaurant Vincents after the owner, Vinnie. His name is not Vinnie, but the first time Adam met "Vinnie" he was quite scared of him and thought he looked like a Vinnie, which in some ways, he kind of does.
I didn't want anyone to google the name of my restaurant or the name of my boss and find out all the shit I say about the customers and how much I hate them.
It's the same with Tapas Towers. That was not the name of the restaurant I worked at in Edinburgh. I created these pseudonyms to protect my employer from any backlash from the public incase someone happened to stumble onto my shitty little blog,
Although A few people have discovered my blog by searching for Tapas Towers. It's some kind of Tapas dish, shaped like a tower.
I should point out, altho I do in general hate the public, there are a few exceptions. There are a few regular customers at Vincents who I genuinely like. And every now and then you get a random who is just awesome, Like the Buttery Lady.

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Andy G
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