Saturday, 25 July 2009

Minty Fresh Evil Babies!

thanks for reading, sorry for being such a miserable git in the last post, since my dance I have cheered up considerably, I'd say by a factor of 10 at least.


I had a pretty good day at work and now I have the weekend off for my trip to aberdeen. it was another fantastic friday in the busiest tapas bar this side of the forth and i was yet again stuck on the door. It wasn't too bad today tho, it was actually kind of busy so i had lots to do. plus somthing truly ace happened which has restored my faith in customers, those of you who follow me on twitter or read my facebook status will already know.
The other day i took a booking over the phone for lunch today. it was an older woman and when i took down her contact number I said " oh thats an aberdeen number, are you coming all that way just to see me?" I know, its cheesy waiter humour, I disgust myself sometimes. She said she was coming down for the day to meet a friend but she could tell I was from aberdeen just by my accent. I was amazed by this as very few people can ever tell where I'm from, when I was in new york, I once challenged a table of 6 to guess where I was from and if they got it right I promised them a round of drinks! I am fairly certain they must have been on day release from the local nuthouse, the 6 answers I got were, Germany, Australia, England, Denmark, Ireland and Brooklyn???? Now I don't have a particularly strong scottish accent but how is it possible i sound like any of these nationality's???? After pointing out to them that I was wearing the scottish flag pin on my shirt, they stared at it for a moment and open of them said, "thats Funny, you don't look Jamaican." Fucken Americans!
Anyway, I was impressed she recognised my accent and i jokingly said if she brought me down some butteries i'd buy her a drink.
so half way through lunch one of the waitress's comes to me and says a customer is upset and wants to complain to the manager, as all the other managers were busy she came to me. I wandered up expecting it to be someone moaning about the price of wine or something eqiually petty, it was the woman from aberdeen. She wanted to give me a present! a packet of Butteries!

I couldn't believe it. How nice is this woman?! It really did make my day, she knew I was joking on the phone but she bought me a packet anyway. I was truly chuffed, I guess it goes to show that not all customers are that bad. I bought her and her friend a glass of wine and told her to come to the restaurant in aberdeen when i move back up and i'd buy her a glass of wine there too.
It was just a joke on her part but she is now my hero. I had one with my lunch, I gave one to the waitress serving her and I ate the other two with my dinner tonight when i got home! Lovin it!

Had a few people in with babies today, Edinburgh seems to have a lot of babies. everyone seems to love them and constantly stops at tables and comments on how cute the baby is looking, but sometimes you get a really ugly one. Today there was a couple with there baby, and this baby had a massive head! it was huge! it looked like a watermelon. Now i did feel guilty when i realised that maybe this child was unfortunate enough to be born with a birth defect. once i realised this i did start to feel terrible for thinking such nasty thoughts about such an innocent child. After a second glance at this kid, I'm fairly certain its not actually deformed, it just has a MASSIVE head. I started to get paranoid, what if this is some kind of super baby? what if it has a big head cos it has a massive brain and is reading my mind, maybe it made me feel guilty by implanting all the deformed baby thoughts in my mind, OH MY GOD THERE IS AN EVIL BABY in the restaurant!! I started to panic. Luckily it was time for my break, so I legged it to the staff room and hid there. An hour later I returned to the floor and the evil baby was gone, no doubt to plan its world domination. Now you may think im being paranoid but i thought i would do some research, when I typed in evil baby into you tube this is what I discovered!

After i made sure the evil baby was not lurking around any corners waiting to attack, i noticed a crowd had gathered at the front door. I feared the evil baby was perhaps leading some form of massacre outside but it turned out it was just raining very heavily. Two women refused to leave the restaurant until it went off, and they seemed very annoyed when I did not have an umbrella for them. we're a tapas bar not an umbrella shop. (Is there such a thing as an umbrella shop? and if not why not?) I have a suspicion these 2 women may be related to the wicked with of the west and afraid to go out into the water incase they melt. This would be quite amusing to watch but i do NOT want to clean up that mess.

I discovered something interesting today, apparently the royal mint has made a giant cock up and released tens of thousands of twenty pence coins with no year stamped on them, they are now being recalled with a reward of £50 a coin. Seriously! check out here if you don't believe me.
The royal mint calls this "an incredibly unusual lapse in the strict quality control at the Royal Mint"
I think they had a big staff night out the night before printing began and a few of them came in a wee bit hungover.
So the mint has started a nationwide scavenger hunt for these 20p's. I checked thru my box of change tonight. I have 288 20 pence coins, and all of them have the year on them. Bugger!

o well, at least it kept me occupied for 20 minutes. Now I really must go. its 2 in the morning and I need to pack my bag for my trip to the deen tomorrow. I'll tell you all about it soon. I'm getting the bus at 10 am tomorrow and as you already know I'm not a morning person. I'm hoping they will not recognise me with my new haircut and crappy beard. I have enemies in the bus industry. Ill tell you more about that soon.

Until next time
Have a nice

Andy G

Feelin happier today, since i walked on sunshine!
I owned that dance, I made it mine!
I've been working alot and its taking its toll
then someone came along and gave me a Roll!
That really cheered me up, I was filled with Glee.
someone came from up north, and delivered a Rowie!!
then there was the evil baby, and the wicked witch of the west,
they weren't so bad, compared to the rest.
i hope from now on, you'll check all your 20 p's
if you find a winner, can you buy me a pint please?

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