Monday, 6 July 2009

An apology to Luigi's Sea Grill

Good Afternoon
I, Andy G, would like to offer a public and sincere apology to Luigi's Grill.
In my last blog entry I showed you a review written by Ralph Rosenberg detailing an unpleasant dining experience at Luigi’s. After posting this blog I sent a message to Jeanine Annino (I call her Jeaninio) to ask if she was there on that particular day? How fat was this man? This was the response I received
It turns out that review is a work of fiction by none of than Sean Pogan, a former employee who believes he is Scottish (pictured below)
My blog has been entangled in a web of lies. I should have realized as there were several clues that sean was the author. His spelling, grammer and use of the word retarded should have given it away.
I sincerely apologise for any offence or trauma reading the false review has caused you. To make up for it I have tried to write my own honest review of Luigi's. To try and undo the damage done by Sean, my review will focus on all the postive aspects of Luigi’s.
Here it is:
Luigi's Grill is a restaurant. SOME of the staff are hot. Some are not.
as I said I wanted to be positive and that’s the best thing I could think to say.
Here are some other reviews I discovered online.
Posted on 09/16/2008 by: Jonny Mountain
User Rating: 5
I thought the meal was superb! Staff seemed really friendly and got on well with a fine Scottish guy who I think was the manager (DAMN RIGHT). Food was great, atmosphere was great and I will def be back! :)
Sadly this review is also fake, Jonny Mountain is a mate of mine.
Posted on 08/31/2007 by: pele807
User Rating: 2
"You've got to be kidding me" was my response when I walked down by the water to look at the boats and my girlfriend comes back to me and tells me that the 100 dollars I gave her to pay the bill was not enough??? (did you not read the bill?) The meals were nothing but glorified appetizers. The kitchen gives you this yellow rice that tastes like paper mache and then they throw a couple of scallops on your plate next to it, best of all it is only $23. (was that sarcasm?, it is quite hard to tell without hearing you speak) And I'm still hungry. So I eat the bread and the stale crackers. And I'm still hungry. (FATBOY!!!) So I eat my salad with Blue cheese dressing that has NO chunks of blue cheese. Did I mention that the waitress had an attitude? I don't even care about her attitude and the fact that she didn't even smile once, (neither would you, if you worked there) or that she delivered the appetizer before the silverware, or that she didn't wipe the sticky gunk off the table until five minutes after we asked, or that the beer was served in plastic Dixie cups.(clearly you do care or you wouldn’t have written about it. And you are right to, these things should have been done. Your not very bright are you?) What I do care about is that there was nothing good about our experience at this restaurant, from the PMSing waitress to the meager portions fit for a hamster for the same that you'd pay in a fine dining establishment, to the poorly managed service, to the sticky table, to the sand in the baked clams. This was one of the worst tourist traps I've ever been to. My advice: go somewhere else and save your money and aggravation. Only upsides: great strong sangria (trust me its not that strong) (buy it takeout for the road), good music (not always, have you head the staff do karaoke? Bloody hell! The phrase strangling a cat comes to mind.) (the guy singing was covering classic 50s tunes), pretty waterfront view of the marina, and al fresco dining with ashtrays for those who choose to smoke.
It turns out I posted a fake review
So I say sorry to all of you.
This is not a blog to spread bull shit
Well only mine, and just a bit
That review was written by Sean
Turns out it was all a con
He was just mad at Gani
I tried to find a good review, turns out I cannae!

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