Friday, 24 July 2009

You wont like me when I'm Angry

Hi hows it going?
I dunno why I ask that cos ur no gonna answer are you? Its not like we’re in the same room.
I’ll warn you in advance, im gonna have a bit of a moan, this is my blog and ill say whatever I fucken want! If you don’t like it then bugger off.
Sorry I’m in a bit of a shitty mood.
Lately I have been very grumpy, everything seems to be annoying me at the moment. I’m really stressed. Everything seems to be piling up and its making me more miserable every day.
Work is annoying me more & more. Is it just me or are the public becoming even more stupid?
I took a call today from some to confirm there booking for the weekend. It’s a party of 10 for sat night. Now with parties of 8 or more in my restaurant you have to go for the set menu, it’s a tapas place and the only way to manage it is to limit what the larger parties can order, otherwise it will take 20 minutes just to put the food down on one table.
So this woman calls and I remind her about the set menu.
She says she wants to go for the ala carte menu and I politely explain its not possible with that many people.
She seems ok with it and says she’ll call back with definite numbers later that afternoon, so later that afternoon she does not call, but sends one of her friends in to see me. Her friend says that she is not happy with the set menu and the woman booking the table is very upset.
Very upset?
It’s a fucken dinner? Wot the fuck is the matter with you? GROW THE FUCK UP!!!
Your apparently nearly in tears (which I don’t believe) because of the menu choice? What are you, 7?
Fucken customers!
I am very much looking forward to the day when I only have to deal with the public on a part time basis.
Earlier today I was very, very angry with Adam, I have problems with my old bank at the moment and they are sending stuff to my flat but it is addressed to my mum, (don’t ask why, its not very interesting, mind you neither is most of the shit I write about) the postman came today while I was at work and he needed a signature, but Adam did not sign for it. He said there is no one here with that name, now he has been my best mate for over 6 years, he knows my last name, he knows my mum’s name, so when this letter arrived and required a signature, he did not connect those dots!!!!! He did not even think to call me!!! This made me very angry as this letter most likely has important information. When I asked him about it, he said that he did remember my mums name was Anne and what my last name was but his circle of thought returned him to the fact that no one with that name lives at this address, he then remarked and I quote “I’m too intelligent”
I do not even see how this comment makes any sense!
Suffice to say I was very angry
It’s not just work, I had the bus journey from hell a few weeks ago, which pissed me off,( I am currently engaged in a letter writing battle of wits with a bus company, ill let you know more soon) the bank I left 2 years ago are saying I owe them money and im trying to organise a new flat in Aberdeen and move all my stuff up there while still working full time. It’s a fucken pain.
Sorry im moaning but your choosing to read all this shit no one's forcing you.
(if you are in fact being forced to read this, perhaps at gunpoint, then I do sincerely apologise. No doubt you are stressed enough about the gun being held to your head, the last thing you want to do is read about all my shit. I hope you get out of this rather difficult situation sooner rather than later, good luck)
And my computer is playing up, it seems to be taking about half an hour to do the simplest thing, its really, really annoying me, and everyday I get that little bit closer to smashing it to pieces.
I’m also stressed about returning to student life, im 27 now. 27, that’s my late 20’s! A lot of my friends are graduating, getting married, buying house’s and having babies, and I’m trying to rent a one bedroom flat and returning to Aberdeen college. Most likely to be stuck in a class of 17 & 18 year olds who don’t give a shit and are just happy not to be in school. It just seems wrong somehow. I feel like im just this gigantic ball of fucking stress getting larger and larger until my fucking head explodes with frustration!! (I just realised that sounded ever so slightly pornographic, this was not my intention) usually in this blog I just talk about random shit but I thought I’d give you an insight into how im actually feeling. In just over a month I am returning to Aberdeen to start a course I really should have done 9 years ago. I didn’t want to return to Aberdeen, its no secret it was not my first choice, I really wanted to go to Glasgow but it seems fate keeps drawing me back to the granite city. Fuck knows why? Maybe my old boss paid off the school in Glasgow so I’d be forced to return to Aberdeen and work for him, this is a cunning move and I applaud his ingenuity. I also despise him, if it is in fact true.
I met up with Dave and Jonny from Aberdeen tonight, we went out for a couple of beers and it cheered me up a bit, I left early to get home and get some sleep but instead I am staying up to write all this bollocks. On the way home I just kept thinking about all the shit that’s happening lately, I’m just getting angrier and angrier about how fucken shit my life is right now, I get home and im so fucken angry, im so fucken stressed, I need to vent this anger some how, I look around but there is no one to beat the shit out of (just as well cos I am a bit of a wuss) and realise there is only one option!

If you can’t see the video then click here!
or maybe here
I feel better now
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who has suffered the brunt of my grumpyness, especially Adam and Jon, my drinking team brothers and flatmates. I’m sorry I over reacted to the letter thing earlier and I’m sorry I’m such a grumpy bastard. Here’s a poem to make up for it
I’d like to say sorry to Adam & Jon
Well not just them but every one
Soon im returning to Aberdeen,
In my old work is where ill be seen
Im the good looking one
Wearing the tie
Yeah that’s me, the grumpy looking guy!
Until next time
have a nice
Andy G

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