Friday, 31 July 2009

Good Advice

The Initials you can see are A.P
just in case you thought it was me.
A P stands for Adam Poole
although most people, call him Adam The Fool
Why did he do this, nobody knows
he put cream, where nobody goes!
so now he has no hair, on his ball sack
he doesn't seem to care, he wants to his crack!
He said it makes them feel nice and smooth
is his mind, it was a good move!
he got them out to show me, despite my protest
I thought he was a phonie, I thot it was a jest.
he got them out and i ran away
there are enough people already, who think we are gay.
We're not gay, but he is my best friend.
this is not the message im trying send.
So my friend Adam, just so ya ken
I never wanna see, your balls again!

Have a nice

Andy G

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