Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Stuff of Legend!

Happy sunday to ya.
Unless your not reading this on sunday in which case please replace sunday with whatever day it happens to be.
Something Awesome happened the other day. I had a 2 hour break at work so decided to come home to eat as I am losing the will to live eating Tapas every day!! When I got home there was a bright blue envelope waiting for me. I noticed the Aberdeen postmark in the corner and thought it was a late birthday card or an invite to yet another wedding. I was amazed to discover this

How cool is this? a card with a scuba diving duck! somebody obviously knows me well!
I was already chuffed but then I read what was written inside

How cool is that???
I AM A LEGEND!!! like Will Smith! except not black. This has put me in an exceptionally good mood. The card comes courtesy of Joyce, who I wrote the reference for. This is possibly one of the nicest (and most accurate) things anyone has ever said about me!
So thank you Joyce there was no need for the card but it made my day. To show my appreciation I made you this!

I hope you enjoy.
Until next time
Have a nice

Andy G

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