Monday, 10 August 2009

Moving Day Part 1

Hi how r ya?

I've just spent sunday monday moving most my stuff up to Aberdeen. I'd like to offer a massive thank you to Adam & Ian for all there help. They helped me load and unload the van and I could not have moved my stuff up north without them. You are both Truly Awesome!

The drive to aberdeen was a good laf and the banter was in full swing.

Adam gave a very passionate speech about how there will be no bananas within 15 years because of "some disease thats comin." I googled banana disease and here's an article I found. I thought the first sentence was talking about me! We then had a rather lengthy debate regarding the populations sizes of various scottish cities. It sounds dull but it was very entertaining if you were in the van.
After dumpin all my stuff at my folks place we headed over to the new flat to sign the lease. My landlady has decided to put down new carpet and paint the walls before I move in. I told her not to because I will just make a mess of it within a week but she insisted. This is why all my stuff is at my parents. I was quite pissed off about this, the point in moving my stuff up early was to get everything organised before college starts, now its just more work to ferry it all over from my folks place. She was just trying to be nice I suppose. Still a fucken pain tho!

So after the paper work was done the boys and I celebrated with a couple of magners and headed into town. Was good laf, met up with Dave and Kev. I felt quite bad as it was Daves birthday and I completely forgot. I bought him a couple o shots and he seemed pleased with that. Drunkard that he is!
Went to exodus but we were the only people there and since Adam was quite drunk he insisted on goin somewhere "To party!" When he does this its never a good sign. We headed to espionage, which was equally as dead, it picked up after a while tho. It was there I made a discovery. My mate Ian is the greatest Dancer in the world!

But Ian OWNED that dance floor. I am impressed. It appears my friend Ian has hidden depths. I also recently discovered he is something of a rebel. He will not only break the rules, he will take the rules smash them into tiny little pieces, grind then up into a fine paste and bake them into a cake!
He laughs in the face of authority. This photo will give you an idea of the kind of NUT JOB Ian really is.........

After bustin a few moves we headed to the casino where I stupidly gambled away 40 quid. Just doin my bit to keep my boss happy (the owner of the restaurant I work in also owns the casino)
After leavin the casino around 3 ish we did what any sensible person would do at that time.
Go to the all night baker.
Adam said he was starvin so he ordered 3 steak pies! 3!! you fat bastard! He sat outside and munched on them while I waited for my pie and chips. Just as I was gettin my order Adam came stumbling in and bought a sausage roll and a toasted ham and cheese croissant. He just kept saying "I'm hungry, I'm hungry!" The next day we all woke up a feeling a bit rough. I was a bit unsure about driving the van as I'm fairly certain if I got stopped I would be over the limit so I drove very sensibly the whole way. For entertainment on the way back to Edinburgh we played eye spy. Ian is truly awful at this game, I don't think he got any of them.

After getting back to Edinburgh Adam and I went to see GI Joe, Its Alright. A bit predictable at times but still worth seeing. After the movie I had to return the van. I spotted this traffic sign on the way out which I thought was ace,

they must have known I was coming!

Thats all for now.
but before I go

A poem for Adam & Ian

To my Good friends Ian and Adam Poole,
You guys are both, really cool.
Thanks for helping me, move all my possessions,
Ian can you give me, some dancing lessons?
Ian's an awesome dancer, but he can't play eye spy.
he never knew the answer, but he's still a cool guy.
Adam's leaving soon, to go back on the ship
I hope you enjoy, your 6 month trip.
He's away to try and sell some art,
to some rich, senile old fart.
But this old man, is actually quite smart,
with his cash, he will not part!
Yes Adam my friend, you will be missed.
I'll think of you, every time I'm pissed!

Until next time
Have a nice!
Andy G

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