Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My new flat mate is a BITCH!!

Hi how the hell r ya?
Well its now more than half way through August and I am officially knackered! Been working loads and moving house so very little free time to relax. Work is busy everyday. Who would have thought so many people would come to Edinburgh to eat tapas! I have previously mentioned I will occasionally change names to protect peoples privacy. I will also do this with the places that are good enough to employ me. So lets call my restaurant Tapas Towers.
The Tapas Towers is getting busier every day this month. Its strange to think I have less than 2 weeks left. There's a staff night out this sunday, so I am sure I will get drunk and embarrass myself enough so all the staff have find memories of me.
I have now moved in with my good friend Ian. He has been good enough to put me up for a few days while I finish up work at the Tapas Towers. I did not want to leave them in the shit during August and its good money which I really need. Ian is a legend for letting me stay. Im gonna be here for 10 days. There is one problem however. Ian does not live alone. He lives with someone else. A Girl. I have only met her once before and we did not exactly hit it off. She practically ignored me! I'm not one to bad mouth people but she really is just an attention seeking little bitch. I am sorry to moan but she is! Her name is Daisy, (seriously, thats her real name. Unless you are a cartoon princess there is no excuse for that). The first time I met her was about a week ago. She only started living with Ian about a month ago and since I have been working so much I haven't had a chance to get out much. Anyway it was a beautiful day and we were out in Ian's garden, and Daisy would not leave Ian alone, I tried talking to her and she practically ignored me. In fact now that I think about it I don't think she said one word to me. I think I may have somehow insulted her, although I don't know how. She seems to crave attention when ever she can. She has a real attitude and I am sorry to repeat myself but she is a bitch! When I got home tonight after work it was after midnight. I was completely knackered and she wanted me to take her out! WHAT THE HELL??? I have been on the go all day and she wants me to take her out??? I suggested she go herself but she just looked out the window and whined. Also I am a tad concerned about her personal hygiene. I saw her eating her lunch today and she spilt some food on herself, I don't think she knew I was watching, but she licked it off herself. I don't mean right away, This was about 20 minutes later. She licked the food off herself, like an animal! And you know something else, She is hairy, and I mean properly hairy. Now I have hairy arms, but this girl has me beat by a long way. As you know I am a tad concerned about going bald. I don't think this girl will ever have this problem. I was initially slightly wary about having this rant about my new flat mate but I am fairly certain she cannot read, never mind use a computer. I don't really have a problem with her, but she seems to dislike me. Perhaps it will just take a few days to win her over.

I'm sorry to whinge,
I'm sorry to rant.
I want go on a binge
but sadly I can't.
I've got to work 8 hours,
in the tapas towers.
serving food to the mass's,
as they sit on there fat ass's.
My new flat mate is hairy.
and she is a bitch!
she's also kind of scary,
could she be a witch?
Will be friends?
It's kind of hazy.
I guess it depends,
on little Miss Daisy.
Maybe its me,
Maybe I'm a dick!
Would you like to see,
her most recent pic?

Ian also lives with his fiancée Kat who is ace, and an absolute star for letting a drunken slob like me stay in her house. Although Daisy the puppy and I have only just met, I am sure in a couple of days we will be firm friends.

Until next time

Have a nice!

Andy G


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