Thursday, 13 August 2009

Can you draw?

Hi how r ya?
Can you draw? are you bored? do you fancy doing some drawings for me?
I am looking for someone to do some illustrations for my upcoming blog entries. Sadly I have no artistic talent what so ever. I struggle to draw stick men. I can't pay you as I am a poor student but I will of course give you full credit when ever your drawings are used and will provide a link to your webpage if you have one. I also promise to buy you a drink every time I see you for as long as we both shall live! If one day I become a famous film maker then this blog could be read by millions of people and they could be looking at your illustrations! Think about that! Although the chances are they will just be seen by the 7 people who actually read all this shite!
Anyway If you have any artistic talent and are interested in doing some drawings for me then please get in touch. I will be very grateful, and I will buy you a drink next time we meet. or send me a facebook message or call/text me.

By the way, if your reading this on the actual blog page as opposed to facebook, you may notice there is now an Amazon banner at the top. Yes I have become a sell out! If you ever need to buy anything from Amazon can you please get there via this site.
If you do this then I will get a wee bit o money. If you buy something I will also get a wee bit o money, it doesn't cost you anything and it will be a valuable contribution to the very worthy charity The A.B.F. (Andy Beer Fund).

Are you good at illustration?
Sadly I am not.
I am suffering from frustration,
so I'm turning to you lot.
It will be on my web site,
where your pictures will be shown.
help me with my plight?
I won't say they are my own.
So can you draw?
Will you help me please?
But as you saw,
I can't pay you any fee's.
You won't get any money,
But you'll get a free drink.
Especially if there funny,
and I'll give you a link.

until next time
Have a Nice

Andy G

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