Tuesday, 7 July 2009

possibly a bit drunk!!

i am possibly a bit drunk right now, wine wine wine i love wine, yes i
do i love wine
a poem abut wine
i love wine
i drink it all the time
i like it when its red
i like it when its white
fucken hell im a bit pished
and i talk alot of shite!!

wine wine wine!!!!!! everyone loves wine
you now i think im better at typing when im drunk than when im sober
weird eh? wine wine win
everyone loves wine\'
it is good
its better than food
and if you drink it you are a cool dude
fuck me i am an awesome poet!!!
in your face robbie bruns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wine wine wine tra la la la la la
sorry about thsat
i fell on the keyboardshrty8ui'op;
'bye bye
anmdy g

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