Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Time to accept my fate!

For years I fought it!

I promised myself it would never happen, not to me, I was different! I would beat the system. I am Andy G, I will not succumb!! My Father always told me it was inevitable! It was in my D.N.A. I didn’t believe him, I held out hope for years that my real father was actually the milkman and this imposter was not to be believed. Sadly, my father spoke the truth. I should have known, we must be related, how can two people talk about Doctor Who so much and not be related?

My Mum promised me this would not happen, Mum how could you lie to me? You also told me I was the most handsome boy in Aberdeen? Was this also a lie? My very belief system is rocked to the core!!!

I now have 3 options

1 I can ignore the problem and hope it goes away!

2 I can acknowledge the problem and let destiny take its course

3 I can accept it, do what needs to be done and move on with my life.

Being the incredibly brave person that I am, I have gone for option number 3, its part of growing up, its gonna happen, I have to face facts!

This is a decision I may come to regret.

I should mention that I did not plan on making this life changing decision today. A series of random events led me here. After returning from my run today I hit the shower. Upon discovering I ran out of shampoo, I was irritated, but I was heading into town anyway. This was just another thing to add to the list. I was then annoyed to discover that I had run out of hair gel. This may be because I have not had my haircut in a couple of months and it’s a bit longer, therefore using more shampoo and gel, or my flatmates are stealing it.

(well maybe not Richard, he doesn’t really need to)

So, irritated I added the two extra items to my shopping list and hit the town.

I headed into town, Annoyingly it started to rain, however there were a lot of women wearing white t-shirts and they were getting quite wet! It was Awesome!

I started my shopping but was startled to discover this!!!!

£3.42 for hair gel? Are you mental?? I can get 2 beers for that at happy hour!

So now it is with a heavy heart that I admit to you what it is I have done!

I have accepted my destiny, there is nothing I can do about it, its gonna happen, so it might as well happen with my consent.

When I awoke today at the crack of noon, I looked like this

And now

I look like this!!!

Oh dear God what have I done????????? I know my father will be laughing at me, years ago I died my hair blonde and he laughed then, (most people did tho) and I know he will be laughing now.

He was 24 when it happened to my Dad

Well at least im 27, that’s no so bad

I looked in the mirror as she shaved my hair

It fell to the floor, there wasn’t much there

So now it’s colder upon my head

I really wish I stayed in bed!

Will my hair ever grow back?

Sadly not on top, only on my crack!

Has anyone got a spare hat?

Andy G


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