Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas is over!

Hows it goin?

Well christmas is over, at least for me. Saturday was my last christmas shift at Vincents. Thanks fuck for that. I also finished school for the holidays last thursday so I officially have nothing to do until January 5th 2010.
I suppose I could do some college work but that would take up valuable drinking time.
So thats me, I don't really celebrate christmas, it is a load of crap when you think about it. Its just another day in the year to me. The best thing about christmas is some decent films on tv and the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Usually I spend Christmas at Adams hotel, this led to the story about me being The Drunkest I have Ever Been. Since Adam is away on the ship this year I have made big plans for christmas day, drink lots and watch Doctor Who!
Its the Tenth doctors grand finale and it looks AWESOME!!!
Yes I am a massive geek, got a problem with that?

I am very glad that I'm not working for the next couple of weeks. I do need the money but I just can't be arsed.
Workin in a restaurant at christmas is a bit stressful and a bit shit, even tho I'm not in charge I still got very grumpy at times throughout this season. This is my fourth christmas at Vincents, it wasn't the worst but I still fucking hated it. This is the one where I cracked. I resigned in front of a customer. I really, really hope that I'm not working there next christmas but i probably will be. In theory I will still be a student, assuming I haven't been kicked out or drunk myself to death by then.
There were a few decent moments this december tho. Gemma (the other owner of the restaurant) has decided that we will no longer be allowing teachers to come to the party nights next year.
Teachers are the worst customers. I am sorry but its true, your worse than people who don't speak english.
Teachers never spend alot of money, they usually leave early spoiling the party atmosphere, they almost always complain and they always want individual bills.
Teachers usually come in large parties at least 15 or more and they want to pay for there drinks as they go, they want to pay for there own dinner, and they usually don't tell us this till the end.
Occasionally they try to pay in advance, we usually try to discourage this because something will always go wrong. someone will change there mind and demand money back.
It's fucken retarded.
Your all fucking grown ups!!!
Start acting like it!
I think its because teachers spend so much time with kids, it stats to rub off on them. Why can't you just look at a bill and divide it up between you like fucking adults. If someone had more drinks than everyone else then they pay extra. Its not fucking rocket science.
And by the way, a standard tip in the UK is 10% of your bill, don't be so fucking cheap!!!
Oh and one more thing, this is not just for teachers this goes for everyone, if your ever paying in advance for a christmas do take a look at the receipt. When it says NON refundable thats what it fucking means you FUCKING TWAT!!!!
It doesn't mean you can give me a sob story about how someone got caught in the snow and couldn't make it, cos I'll be honest I don't give a shit!
Sorry about that, I just had to get it out of my system.
So, as I was saying,
No more teachers at weekends = Good times!
One of the drawbacks of having a very busy restaurant at christmas is the staff, with a place as big as Vincents its very difficult to keep it suitable staffed during the day. Most of the staff are part time and can't do the extra shifts around christmas. This means desperate measures need to be taken.
Agency Staff.
I fucken hate agency staff, 99 times out of 100 they are fucking retarded. I can't remember ever meeting a good member of staff from an agency. They are usually late, lazy, stupid and fucking annoying.
Another highlight from this december happened the night I quit. After I stormed off downstairs I decided to be a nice guy and helped clean up the kitchen a bit with Althea, around half 10 this guy came in and dumped his stuff in there ready for work, he was an agency guy but he was supposed to be there at 10. Althea asked him why he was late and he gave a bunch of different excuses. He was quite rude. It was at this point Gemma (the other owner) came in, she overheard what was going on and told him to leave. If he can't be here on time then he's no good to us. He then protested saying he came in early the day before and some other bullshit. He was told to leave and he grabbed his jacket and wandered off. After 5 Minutes Althea and I decided we were done cleaning and it was now Beer o'clock. We bumped into the agency guy in the hall. He was demanding to see the manager, he obviously didn't realise Althea is a manager. He was demanding to speak to Ivano cos he dealt with him before. Ivano had vanished at his point so Althea went a bit nuts and kept asking him to leave. It was at this point the Agency guy started claiming we were being Racist (he was nigerian). Now I'm not sure how this could be perceived as racism. Althea was asking him to leave and she is (in her own words) a brown person.
Eventually Ivano appeared and told this guy to leave cos he was lazy bugger. But it was definitely one of the highlights of the night when this guy called Althea a racist. When she is anything but. I can't remember exactly but I think she is half Ethiopian, half scottish, half irish and half glasweigan. (and yes I am aware thats 4 halves, she has a big personality.)
By the way if anyone doesn't know what Vincents is then Click Here.
Another good highlight of December was my Class Night out. We all had dinner at vincents cos I got it on the cheap and then went to Exodus. Was a pretty decent night. I left before 1 am cos I was working the next day but I should have stayed, apparently everyone got it on with everyone else. From what I am told it was like an orgy in Exodus. I wouldn't have taken part as I am one of the "older and more mature" members of the class but it sounded entertaining.

As I am sure you may have noticed the snow is falling all over the country, and everyone seems happy about that. Why?
Snow is shit!
its fucking freezing, it makes it hard to drive, the pavements are incredibly icy so people are falling everywhere.
Plus my flat is fucking BOLTIC! my heating bill is gonna be massive!

Not much else to say at the moment, as I said I am off until Jan 5th, so if your in the Aberdeen area do you fancy a pint? In the meantime I'm gonna try and do some work on my film, maybe catch up on some of the class's I missed. I was quite sick last week and missed 3 days of school. I'm still not feeling 100% & also seem to have trouble sleeping lately. Takes me ages to get to sleep and then I wake up early and can't nod off again. I have tried self medicating with alcohol but with not much success, I think its time to up my dosage!

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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