Sunday, 21 June 2009

There goes the bride!

Fit likey.
It's the day after the wedding. I am graphically unwell( I don't even
know what that means) here is a rundown if how the day went as best I
can remember.
Bacon butties & beer!
Service sponsored by the Scottish parliment & god.
Off to the hotel, champagne champagne champagne beer beer beer beer
beer photos beer beer beer beer line up shakin hands beer beer wine
wine wine wine wine speeches andy asks " is there more wine?" wine
wine wine wine dance badly with alice wine wine beer beer beer beer
wine walkin on sunshine dance like a nutter wine wine dance dance
dance wine wine beer beer beer beer dance with marks mum dance vodka
vodka watch topless men dance vodka vodka tell Jonny how much I love
him! Vodka vodka check out autons mum vodka vodka steal a blond wig
bus to town sing song espionage vodka vodka vomit vomit vodka vodka
forum beer beer flash lots of people try singing closing time by
semisonic but change words to " closing time so fuck off" beer beer
beer casino vodka vodka try to gamble can't find seat vodka vodka pie
shop taxi! Wake up kevs house irn bru toad in hole nap

Pretty decent day

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