Monday, 4 January 2010

Production Diary Entry 1: The Script

Hows it goin?

As some of you will know I have to make a film for school. I have asked around for a cast and a few people have said they would be in it. I have finished the script. There have been 3 so far.
My original script was far too long, I wrote a second script which was again too long. I now have my third and hopefully final version. A few people have read it and said they like it. Although they might just be being polite and secretly thought it was shit. This would not surprise me. All 3 of my scripts are based around real things that happened to me throughout my quite dull life as a restaurant monkey. I have tried to jazz up these incidents but I suspect it needs more work. Just some fine tuning. Its not so much a comedy as it is a satire. I am back at school tomorrow and then the real work begins. I am hoping to start filming by February. If your interested in being in this film then get in touch. You won't get any money but you will get paid in beer. Filming will be every sunday at Vincents, (the restaurant which is good enough to employ me)
Before filming I will need to get all my paper work sorted, this is a pain but needs to be done. This also includes a storyboard, sadly I have zero artistic skills so I will be using photo's. I plan to head over to the restaurant within a week or two and start taking hundred upon hundreds of pictures of the location, and the various shots I will be using. I have had the past two weeks off but have done very, very little, I only left the house 3 times.
Some of my class mates and I have set up a youtube page so we can put up some vlogs about our film making experience. As I said I haven't done nearly as much as I probably should have so there's not much for me to say yet. Hopefully more to follow

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Andy G

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