Sunday, 24 January 2010

Show some respect

Hows it goin?

A couple of days ago, as I was walking to school, I noticed something, something which just seemed wrong to me!
As regular readers will know, I lost a friend recently.
If you didn't know that, or haven't read the post where my friend died, then you really should, you really need to read that post in order to understand this one. So Click here.

Now, I'm assuming you have went back and read the post, if not then just DO IT!!!

Ok, now we are all up to speed. As I was walking to school the other day, I saw what remains of my recently deceased friend. I was flooded with memories, oh what wonderful memories, and then I noticed something new, there was a white piece of A4 paper on the door.
I was confused, had my friend come back to life, was this a message from beyond the grave? Perhaps the last will and testament where all the remaining alcohol is bequeathed to me?


It wasn't.

I'll be honest with you, what I saw angered me.

What the hell was happening?

Doesn't anyone have any respect for the recently deceased??

They are using the death of a great wine shop to promote there own selfish needs!

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Andy G

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