Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's a small world

Hows it goin?

Just had a mildly amusing encounter and thought I would share it with you.
I am heading to Edinburgh this weekend, so after school today I had a wander down to the train station to check times and get tickets. I waited in the queue for what seemed like an hour, eventually I managed to get to one of the windows,
I told the woman behind the glass the days I wanted to travel and asked for the cheapest tickets possible. She put the details into her computer and said it would take a couple of minutes. She then gave me a strange look.
"Didn't you travel a couple of days ago?" She asked
"Errrmmm no. Not that I can remember, I have been pretty drunk for the past few weeks though so its possible." I replied
"You look very familiar." She said
"I haven't been on a train for months." I informed her
This has happened to me in the past, people recognise me, but can't quite place how they know me, sometimes with my own relatives. It's usually people who have eaten in Vincents while I was in charge there. I told her where I worked and asked if she recognised me from a visit to the restaurant. She said she had never been to Vincents.
I didn't recognise her at all, but she was certain she knew me somehow. The computer started to come to life and gave a few times and train fares. I told her what one I wanted. She was still trying to figure out how she knew me, she asked if I was "Sheila's boy." I said no and then she said,

"Are you sure?"

Am I sure?

Of course I'm fucking sure you stupid bloody woman.
Even though my family don't particularly like me, I would be very surprised if they resorted to changing there names!
Witness protection from Andy G??
The only people who need that are some of my bastard ex customers!
Anyway, while she was typing some more crap into the computer to get the train fare information, I clocked her name badge.

Retail Manager

And then it hit me, I did know her, and she did know me, although we had never actually met. She was the woman who replied to my letter about the left luggage facility. In that letter there were pictures of me but they didn't show my face, but they did have the address of this blog. She must have visited this page and seen my picture.
I began to panic, if she figured out who I was maybe she would suddenly lose this cheap train ticket she managed to find me. Maybe she would tell me to get the hell out of her station. Maybe she would smash through the glass and strangle me with the rubber glove I sent her.
I gave her the cash for the tickets, and I could see on her face she was still trying to figure out who I was. I got my tickets, I got my change. She then said,
"It'll come to me eventually"
"Maybe." I replied
"Have a nice trip." she said as she must say to everyone she serves.
"One quick question, do you have any luggage lockers?" I asked
I saw her face change, a wave of recognition washed over her, she knew who I was. I was that cheeky bastard who sent her a compass/watch, and then a rubber glove.
I walked off before she had a chance to say anything.

I walked out the station with a cheeky grin,, chuffed with myself about my little get away. I was a cheeky little bastard and I'd gotten away with it too. I would never see her again, I had the last laugh.

Then I realised,

she knows exactly when I will be travelling.


I am now slightly concerned about my journey, this woman may decide to have her revenge upon me.

I may travel in disguise.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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