Thursday, 15 October 2009

Trainspotting part 2 (aka envelope 3 of 50)

Dear Mr G,


Thank you for your letter dated 16th September in which you detailed the problems you encountered when using the left luggage facility at Aberdeen station recently.

Having investigated the issues raised in your letter, I would like to offer some explanations as follows:

The reason for the twenty minute absence of the member of staff was due to him taking a comfort break. Within reason, there are no time restrictions placed on how long this will take given that very person is different. Please be assured though that in future another member of staff will cover absences in these circumstances so that normal service can be maintained.

The department of transport dictate that all left luggage at major train stations must be searched in order to minimise the risk of security breaches. This is the reason for the facility being staffed. In the current climate where terrorism is at the forefront of the political agenda, we cannot be complacent about where attacks may take place.

I would also like to thank you for bring to my attention the relaxed nature f the staff employed to work in the left luggage area. I will most certainly be taking this seriously and dealing with those involved appropriately to ensure that in future their behaviour reflects the professionalism of this station.

Finally, I must thank you for sending me the clock/compass which illustrated your points fantastically. However, I feel it is only right that I return this to you.

I do hope that future visits to the station are more successful.

Yours sincerely

The Retail Manager

Aberdeen & Inverness Areas

Now I'll be honest, it was nice of this person to reply to my letter but I honestly did not want that watch/compass back, I was also irritated she did not answer all my questions, I decided to write back to her

Dear Ms Retail Manager

RE: Aberdeen Station Left Luggage Facility

Thanks you for your letter dated 23rd September 2009 regarding my issues with your station. I am grateful you took the time to write back to me as I realise you must be a busy person. However I have to ask,

a comfort break??

This sounds like a cross between nap time and a conjugal visit. You state that there are no restrictions on how long these breaks will take as every person is different? So someone could conceivably take a 3 hour comfort break, just to make sure they are suitably comfortable?

Last weekend I had the misfortune to be working on a Saturday night, at the restaurant in which I am a part time manager. The owner happened to be in, I asked him if I could go for a “comfort break?” he asked if I was going for a wank!

I am a tad disappointed that you did not answer all of the questions I posed to you.

Why was there no change for the lockers?

Why was the attendant only wearing ONE (purple) rubber glove?

Was this a Jacko tribute as I suspected?

Also I really would like to know if you have found anything amusing while searching peoples bags?

I write an online blog ( if your interested) and I am planning on publishing our correspondence there (I will of course change your name to protect your privacy) and I believe my readers,(and myself) would be very interested in hearing some of the interesting things you have found in peoples luggage.

Come know you want to tell me.

There was no need to return the Watch/Compass, this was not sent to you purely to illustrate a point, I genuinely wanted you to have it as a gift.

In all honesty it was given to me as a gift about a year ago and I think its rubbish, I was quite chuffed when I eventually found an inventive way of getting rid of it.

Since you were gracious enough to return the watch/compass, I have sent you another present.

A rubber glove! Now the Attendant will have two!!! I hope the colours don’t clash.

By the way, I was serious when I asked if there were any jobs going? I hope to be a writer one day and I could use the time in the locker room to write my memoirs.

“Tales from the Left Luggage Facility”

How’s that for a title of my first book? If you give me some interesting stories about things found while searching bags I will give you a mention in the acknowledgements and maybe even cut you in for a percentage.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

If you wish to speed up our correspondence please feel free to email me

Kind Regards

Andy G

I have yet to hear anything else from Ms Retail Manager, I expect she is too busy compiling stories for me and trying to find a suitable gift.

Thats all for now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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