Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My last assessment for law


Hows it goin?

I missed school yesterday, and this morning.

After such encouraging comments, I thought I should go to class in the afternoon. Plus I had an assessment for my Law class. This is the last assessment I will have to do for law as the timetable is changing in a couple of weeks and that means no more law. This was the biggest test so far, it was 5 questions and they all had to be answered with as much information as possible. It was an open book test so it's not too hard, you just have to remember to put in any and all information that might be relevant to the question.
As you may know I have the handwriting of a 4 year old so I did the test on my laptop and emailed it to the lecturer. I typed out 6 pages. Since this is an open book test you must get 100% in order to pass. I think I put in everything that needs to go in. Some people were finished in less time than me which at one point had me concerned, but then I realised that some people are alot thicker than me. (honest).
I was particularly proud of one of my answers regarding a question about sexual discrimination.
I put in all the relevant information regarding the sexual discrimination act 1975, then I decided to give a couple of examples to show I knew what I was talking about.

This is a direct quote from my essay:

There are of course exceptions to this rule. Some jobs are gender specific. A security guard at an airport for example. You need to have both female and male guards in order to frisk passengers. Only females are allowed to frisk females and males frisk males. Another example is for exotic dancers, where it is well know that I am a fantastic dancer, I do not think it would be appropriate for me to get a job as a dancer in private eyes. Also in the world of entertainment, some acting roles are Gender specific. If you are looking for someone to star in your movie and the role is for an Asian mother of 3 then you are hardly likely to cast Bruce Willis are you? Martin Lawrence did once try to get around this by starring in “Big mommas house” and we all know how big a mistake that was.

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