Tuesday, 29 September 2009

No More Tapas!!

Hows it goin?
It was one month ago today that I worked my last shift in the Tapas Towers. I feel they are owed a proper goodbye on the blog.
It was ace to work with all you guys, I hope when your reading this your not using the computer at the front desk, Big Tony is watching!!!
In all seriousness I genuinely enjoyed working in Tapas Towers and I loved working with everyone there. I got fed every day, I got tips and I didn’t have a lot of responsibility. It was awesome.
My time with you guys has clearly had an effect on me. At my current job I constantly say “cheers a lot” “Gracious a lot” I over heard one of the KP’s say “kourva mach” and I automatically said “indeed.” Also I have answered the phone at least three times by saying “good evening Tapas Towers.” Its not just at work either. I am writing this blog in the café round the corner from my flat and I came in and asked for a café con leche and didn’t even realise. The woman looked at me like I was a nutter.
I did learn a lot from my time in the tapas towers,
Never allow hairdressers in the building.
If a table of 7 asks for a free drink, DO NOT give them one shot and 7 straws.
Don’t expect the Executive chef to smile, unless he has just killed someone.
Never post a video of your self dancing like a twat on the internet.
And most importantly I learned how to do a proper seating plan in a restaurant.
Please see my diagram below.

sorry for the size of the pic. This is the largest size blogger.com will let me post.
I was going to do the famous “pollo rebazodo” song with a dance included but to be honest I can’t be bothered. I’m a busy guy ya know. I’m meant to be doing my homework right now!!!
I didn’t do the dance but I did write you guys a poem. I hope you like it.

If you can't see the video then please click
Until Next time
Have a Nice.
Andy G

This blog was written while listening to The Killers

And I've only got two chapters left of
Flash Forward Its brilliant!

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