Saturday, 19 September 2009

On the Buses Episode II Attack of The Bus Driver!

Happy Saturday to ya. (unless you happen to be reading this on another day in which case happy Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday {delete as appropriate} to ya!)
Hope your weekend is good.
So here is part 2 of 5 of my letter writing battle with Big Bob of Bobs Big Bus Company.
Just so you know, Big Bobs Bus Company is of course a pseudonym, for legal reasons I changed the name of the bus company in question.

Dear Mr Graham

Thank you for your letter dated 22nd June 2009 and, firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in responding. I have read your letter several times now and I am unsure where to begin in response. Do I reply in the manner in which your complaint was written and promise that I will ask all passengers to shower before boarding, that I will discourage people from holidaying in Dundee or that I will ensure all members of staff have sensible hair cuts and they must sign a contract stating they are not “scum”?
Maybe not.
I can appreciate your frustration at the vehicle not starting in Edinburgh but, like all coach operators we are subject to breakdowns on occasion and we do try to rectify any mechanical problems as quickly as we can. There was a replacement coach with you in a very short period of time (although it felt like an hour to you). And the journey was up and running. I d not think it is fair t disrespect someone because of their age and to state the driver “appeared to be 300 years old” is totally out of order. Had this been a relation of yours would you accept such flippant remarks? I don’t think so Mr Graham. We offer employment to all race and creed regardless of age, as long as they meet all our criteria for licences and customer care skills, especially on the Bobs big bus services.
Incidentally, a stance is the Scottish name for a stand for coaches or buses.
Now that you have finished disrespecting older members of staff, you find it necessary to discriminate against someone because of there size! I am sorry but we cannot refuse people access to our vehicles because you deem them to be overweight. Another clear cut of discrimination that I am not prepared to entertain.
You then, for some reason discriminate against Glasgow people who wish to holiday in Dundee? Have the ideals of free choice been removed from society or would you rather all old overweight people from Glasgow are made redundant, told where to sit and where to holiday!!
On a more serious note, I will be discussing with the two members of staff about their Customer Care skills and I will retrain them where necessary. Our customers do come first and I will not tolerate any disrespect towards my passengers. The coach that stank of urine has been inspected and cleaned and is now back on the road smelling as fresh as a daisy. The duplicate coach was late, due to traffic coming from Glasgow but I am afraid that, in this day and age, heavy traffic is the curse of the modern day coach operator.
Finally I would appreciate if you would not refer to our passengers as “scum”. Although your journey may not have been to your standards, over 10 million people have now travelled with us in the UK alone. Personal statements about people you do not know is a cheap and easy dig. I hope you too can take my comments on the chin and I hope you will not be deterred from travelling with us in the future.

Yours sincerely
Bob Johnson

Operations Manager
Bobs Big Bus Company

That's all for now.
Part 3 "The Wrath Of Andy" will be online in a couple of days.
Until next time
Have a nice
Andy G
This blog was written while listening to the soundtrack from Team America: World Police.
Did you know everyone has Aids?

and I'm half way through my book (I don't mean MY book, I didn't write it)

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