Friday, 2 July 2010

Friendly Friday: Bob

Hows it goin? 
Haven't done a Friendly Friday in a wee while. So here's one all about Bob, not to be confused with Bob of Bobs Big Bus Company. This is the original, and the best.

Bob, he's indescribable. But I'll give it a go.
Bob and I met on the QE2, both being scottish we immediately became friends.
In his hay day he was a sexual dynamo, he always had a minimum of 2 women on the go, this was quite awkward when he was onboard ship, he usually had one woman at the front of the ship and one woman at the back. (That's where the women lived on board the ship, not some kind of code for weird sex acts.) When we worked together he used to take great pleasure in sharing his sleazy sex stories with me during lunch service. I think the passengers enjoyed it to.

These day's he is much more domesticated. With the exception of the odd arrest every now and then, and an ex girlfriend who tried to kill him with a sword, he lives a fairly normal life. A few years ago he one young scottish hotel manager of the year. To get that award I am told you have to suck a hell of a lot of cock, but that shouldn't be a problem for Bob. He is omni sexual, he'll shag anything that moves. Here's a pic of him trying to get it on with Adam. (and succeeding)

I was very proud when Bob won that award, we shared a cabin on the ship for 6 months and obviously some of my professionalism rubbed off on him. Unfortunately none of his skills with the ladies rubbed off on me.
I do not mean rubbed off in a literal sense, that would be disgusting. 

Bob is very much the daddy of our drinking team. He looks after us when we need it. When Adam left the ship for several months because he was ill Bob stepped up and filled the role of person who has to keep an eye on Andy. And he did well. Someone has to keep an eye on me, I can't look after myself.
But like all great men, Bob does have a weakness. He snores. A lot. And loudly. It's unbelieveable, how he hasn't brought his own house down yet I do not know.
During Ian's stag do, 7 of us shared a room. We attempted to come up with a solution to Bob's snoring.
We constructed a sound proof barrier around his bed. It didn't really work. But at 1:30 am, after we had been drinking heavily, this seemed like the greatest idea in the world.

It's easy to grin,
when Bob comes in.
And he tells you another sleazy sex tale.
But what makes it worth while,
is when you can smile,
when he finds out the girl was not a female.

That poem is of course NOT based in fact, to the best of my knowledge Bob is not a gay, nor has he had sex with any hermaphrodites. 

Here's a video featuring the one and only Bob, if you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on Facebook and CLICK HERE!

Thats All For Now 

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Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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