Thursday, 29 July 2010

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Hows it goin? 
This comment was left on the blog today.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Anonymous Teuchter's Brother!": 

You must think we are stupid, this techter shite is just another scam you made up to get at Mother Tucker and her hard working staff. You fat fairy fruity whiter. You should spend your time haveing ago at the other shitty shops in the area like Dublin Dave, Crustys, Baget Express etc and leave her alone. As for wowzie its pure rubbish. 

Well Anonymous I might as well admit it, you found me out. You are absolutely right. 

I do think you're stupid.

The Anonymous Teuchter is real and those are genuinely real comments that have been left on this blog. I have no need or desire to make up scams to get a Mother Tuckerz and her hard working staff. I have no need to, They have a bad enough reputation already. I have no desire to continue writing about Mother Tuckerz as this blog is starting to turn into Andy vs the crap sandwich shop. It is YOU and your friends who continue to bring them up by constantly giving me unprovoked abuse. The Anonymous Teuchter and his brother are two people who I honestly do not know. But they found the blog because YOU fucking morons keep giving me abuse which I will then re-post as I find it quite amusing. This in turns leads people to discover my posts about Mother Tuckerz and it turns out that several people feel the same way as I do.

As I have previously said, I consider my feud with them over with, I am simply reposting comments left by OTHER people. I have no need to hide behind pseudonyms (that's a fake name, since you are quite stupid I thought I would explain that word to you) as I have already made my feeling about Mother Tuckerz quite clear in a very public way. If you truly are a supporter of Mother Tuckerz you would stop this abuse as all it does is draw attention to my feelings about Mother Tuckerz and the kind of people who frequent this establishment.

Think about it. Have a read of all the other comments which have been left by Mother Tuckerz customers. It makes the business look like a hang out for Chav's and morons.

By they way, what is a "fat fairy fruity whiter?" 

I have already stated in the past that I am indeed a fat bastard. I assume the fairy fruity thing is meant to be some kind of gay reference. I'm not gay. As I stated before I don't have the fashion sense. But even if I was gay, that's alright. It's ok to be gay you know. Are you perhaps struggling with your own sexuality so you are lashing out at the world? It's alright if you're a gay. I have some gay friends and they love being gay. All they talk about all day long is cock, cock, cock.
Sorry am I getting you excited?
What does "whiter" mean?
I would describe my ethnicity as white. So that's not really an insult, more a statement of fact.
I have never eaten in baguette express so I cannot comment on the food or service in that establishment. I have however eaten in Dublin Daves and it was brilliant. By far the BEST sandwich shop on George Street.
And as for Wowzies. They are brilliant. Why don't you like them? Is it because the woman in Mother Tuckerz told you not to? Are you that weak minded and downright stupid that you are that easily lead. I strongly advise you to stay away from timeshare salesmen. If you are as dim as I suspect you are then they will take you for every penny you've got.

You say that I should, "leave her alone" referring to Mother Tuckerz, I honestly was. I have no desire to continue writing about Mother Tuckerz or her (based on current evidence) dim witted customers. After my initial posts about the shop and my encounter with the owner, every other post has been me reacting to abuse received from Mother Tuckerz customers or re-posting others peoples comments regarding the shop. 

I am simply the messenger.

So you shouldn't shoot me.

In closing I would again like to emphasise that the Anonymous Teuchter is real. I have no idea as to the real identity of this person and if they choose to remain anonymous, then so be it. But I assure you it is not me. Why would I create a false persona to take the piss out of Mother Tuckerz when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. 

I hope this has been a satisfactory response to your comment and you are not currently sitting in your computer chair scratching your head because I have used too many big words, while simultaneously looking at gay porn.(Its alright people won't judge you). If you people want to continue to abuse me then go ahead, I don't mind as I find it quite amusing. It is apparent to me that the people who do leave me abusive comments are quite stupid themselves. So it gives me something interesting to write about if nothing else. But please be aware that every time you do leave me abuse all it does is draw attention to Mother Tuckerz and does not portray them in a positive light. Both by highlighting my feelings towards them and by showing the type of customers she has. (Not very witty and a bit stupid, this is going by the comments I have received. I am not saying that ALL of her customers are like that, as I have not met everyone who has ever frequented her shop. But this is an accurate personality profile based on the comments I have received on this blog.)

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Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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