Monday, 22 March 2010

Some more Abuse from Mother Tuckerz

Hows it goin?

Yesterday I wrote about the comments regarding my Mother Tuckers letters. Late last night I received some more abuse from some people who I suspect are the staff.

Anonymous writes

Okay it's 2.20am and my mate's Fiona and Terry and Colin and Andrew and the list goes on and on and on have just text me to say some di*k head was saying Mother Tz was sh*t. Not sure who you are or what you smell like but guess what I think my dog plopped you out on the grass today and I had to pick you up and put you in the bin. Your colour is BROWN!!! Mother Tz is really, really good and the food is the best on George street.

(I'm little happy just now) Anyway getting back... give your tast buds the old mouthwash treatment as you must also be blind. I promise all who read this the food is honestly the best and everytime we aLL GO IN EVERYONE BEHIND THE COUNTER IS VERY NICE AND POLITE...Yeh for sure! 

I hope this Brown colour of dog poo wises up and gets a brain and a face lift because god dam is he way ugly. Thank god you are not the only guy in the world....we would all be single or lesbos. NITE ALLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

Now if I might respond to anonymous' comments.

First of all let me congratulate you on a very well constructed comment, your wit clearly has no bounds. (sarcasm warning)

I am a tad confused by this section.
"Anyway getting back... give your tast buds the old mouthwash treatment as you must also be blind"

How has anything I have ever said make you think I am blind?
How would having mouthwash treatment cure me of my apparent blindness?
How are these two conditions even related?
I am not a doctor but I don't think there is a connection between the taste buds and eyesight. 
I might be wrong, like I said I'm not a doctor.
I would disagree that the food is the best, but that's just my opinion. I am sure the staff are all very nice and polite, I have never questioned the politeness or character of any of the staff of Mother Tuckerz. I have only questioned the apparent lack of product knowledge of the counter staff and the lack of professionalism of the manager/owner for selling out of date products, not responding to either of my letters and for sharing my letter of complaint with staff and customers.

I hope this Brown colour of dog poo wises up and gets a brain and a face lift because god dam is he way ugly. 

Again let me congratulate you on a well constructed insult. I don't think I have ever been called a "Brown colour of dog poo." 
In fact I don't think anyone has ever. 
Please don't take offence to this as I genuinely am curious, but are you someone with learning difficulties? 
Or any you only 10? 
The insults you throw at me do have a somewhat childlike quality about them.

I should let you know that I do actually have a brain, admittedly I don't use it for much but it does exist, I assure you. 

Perhaps you are mistaking me for the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. I did play this character in the 1993 production of The Wizard of Oz at Forehill Primary school. I am told I did very well. Which came as no surprise, I am awesome!

I would like to say there is no need to attack me at a personal level claiming that I am "way ugly." 
I think this is completely uncalled for.
Are you a looker yourself? 
As I said to the other Anonymous defender of Mother Tuckerz, I would like to see a photo. 
Even then I would not call you ugly, fortunately I am intelligent enough to judge a person by there actions and the content of there character, not by what they look like. Maybe one day you will be that evolved too.

I have noticed in these abusive attacks that no one has yet offered me an explanation as to why no one at Mother Tuckerz has replied to me and all people have done is hurl insults at me which have no basis in fact. I suspect these insults, originate from the minds of children who have no appropriate response to my genuine concerns regarding the business practices of Mother Tuckerz. I find this quite a depressing state of affairs. 

Mother Tuckerz cannot defend itself properly so they attack me on a personal level. I never attacked any of the staff personally, I simply stated the facts of my visit and expressed my concerns regarding the staff's product knowledge and the sale of out of date produce. 

Thank god you are not the only guy in the world....we would all be single or lesbos. NITE ALLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Even if I was the last guy in the world what makes you think you would have a chance with me???
Given your attitude, and apparent lack of intelligence, I really don't think I would be up for it. Which in many ways is your loss. Cos let me tell you, I am a hell of a catch! I'm very funny, very friendly, very generous, I'm great fun at party's, and I am a fantastic dancer. And I'm very good in bed. Well I always have a good time, and that's what counts. 
And even if a women was a lesbian that doesn't mean she wouldn't be interested in me. My friend Wendy is gay and she once kissed me on the lips. In fact if I remember correctly she did it twice!

Another comment from someone who has been brave enough to share her name.

Emma here, Lets not say anything more on this guy's Comment page. All he wants is MORE FRIENDS!! Mother Tuckerz is a very nice place to eat and I know the Manager Gives about £1000 a year to the Collage Students funds!!.

She also told me she would not be giving anymore donations. So we have this ANDY Graham to blame for this. Thank you FOR NOTHING ANDY GRAHAM 

I am unsure how you giving me abuse on my page will somehow result in me getting "MORE FRIENDS!!" If anything, the result will be the opposite, my friends will see what a miserable, moaning bastard I am and stop hanging around with me.

I do not know if the manager does give money to the student funds. How has this been done in the past? I very much doubt this to be true. I may be wrong, but I think it is unlikely that a sandwich shop manager donates £1000 a year to students.  Unless, is the £1000 money earned from the sale of out of date products? 
Have you entangled Aberdeen College in some kind of money laundering scheme? 
Oh dear god, are you in the mafia? 

If in the unlikely event you are telling the truth and the manager is no longer going to donate funds I would like to ask why? This seems a somewhat childish move on his/her part.
I am very keen to meet the manager in person and discuss our differences. If you are a friend of him/her please pass on my regards and ask if he/she would up for a meeting.

Also I think you meant to say, "College student funds." 
With an "e."
Unless "Collage student funds" is some kind of cool new art project. If that is the case do you have any details as I would love to be involved? I do enjoy a good collage, and apparently it's really easy.

If you can't see the video above the stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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  2. And the anonymous who posted the comment on the 28th of March is surely Oscar Wilde as their level of witty put downs clearly shows.



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