Friday, 12 March 2010

My Top 20 T-shirts.

Hows it goin?
I need your advice. As many of you know I have absolutely no fashion sense. This has been the casue of much ridicule over the years. My motto is,
"If it fits, wear it!"

However, tomorrow night is the Engagement party for Kev & Alice. I will of course be in attendance to over see things in my official role as Master of Ceremonies.

I am planning on taking it easy tho. Ever since the events of the wine tasting, I have been too scared to drink properly.

My dilemma is not drink related tho.

I need advice on what to wear. Today I ventured into Aberdeen city centre and scoured the shops. Trying to find the perfect t-shirt. I didn't find it.

I did see a girl wearing a t-shirt that said,

"Anal Sex? Fuck That Shit!"

I did consider asking her where she bought it but I think it may give off the wrong impression if I wear it to the party.

There will be girls at this party, and I need to dress to impress. So with that in mind, I raided my wardrobe and found a selection of my favourite t-shirts.

What do you think I should go for?

As a small thank you for any advice offered I have included a video at the end of this blog post, but not just any old video, this one features HARD CORE NUDITY!

Just a little thank you for your advice.

Now I know you could just skip over all the photo's and not offer your opinion but you wouldn't do that.

Would you?

If the answer to that is yes then you're a bastard and I shall place a curse upon you and your family!

So without further delay, here are my top 20 t-shirts. Which one should I go for?

Tenacious D, I could sing the ladies one of my favourite songs.
If you can't see the two videos below ten stop reading this crap on facebook and
Or I could sing her something romantic.
Doctor Who, It's a well known fact I am a massive geek, prob best to get that out of they early.
Delaneys Irish Bar, This T-shirt was stolen from a bar in Hong Kong while very drunk. Surely that would impress a girl, it would show how brave I am, or how stupid.
But what if she works for the police?
Or even worse the HONG KONG Police? What if she is just over hear for a holiday but ends up solving the 6 year old case of the T-shirt thief??
This one says "and on the eighth day god created me" Maybe a bit too biblical?
If you don't know what this t-shirt means then you are just wrong!

I think this is prob my favourite, it stirkes a nice romantic note with any potential ladies I think.
The Incredible Hulk, I wore this with Kev when he became a Doctor. Because the Hulk is actually DR Bruce Banner and Kev is a Doctor, and he is Incredible.
The Karate Kid, I wore this T-shirt to Pete's Party and to Rod & Brons Xmas Party and I had a great time at both of them (so I'm told)
The Official Nova Scotia Drinking Team T-shirt, this shows I like a drink, but if any of the girls are Canadian they may ask for proof that I am in the team and I can't actually provide that.
This one is a bit unclear in the photo, It says "Motivation NYC style" and has a picture of a Hot Dog.

That's a Picture of Roland Rat on that one.
This one says "one of us is thinking about sex... O.K. It's me."
Shaun of the dead, a truly awesome movie.

This one features wolverine but it does look a bit pink, I am afraid I might look like a gay comic book geek.
Maybe a bit big headed?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Which T-shirt should I wear?
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Your opinion is important to me, but if its crap then I'll just ignore it.
I should let you know the hat is just for the photo's. I won't be wearing that to the party.
Probably not anyway.

As a thank you for your advice please enjoy this video I have called "Hard Core Nudity"

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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  1. all the comic book ones NO, they say "i wish i were more of a man...but im not" not attractive. the doctor one is ok if your going for the geek thing.
    The winner is SAVE FERRIS. Think about it, the text is big enough to be read from across a room so any girl born in the 80's who is worth her salt will give you massive respect, and any girl who doesnt ken what it means is either insane or is about 18. its like an age and movie interest barometer.



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