Friday, 26 March 2010

Friendly Friday: Richard P

Hows it goin?
As I previously mentioned I plan on mentioning one of my friends every friday until I run out of friends, or fridays.
Whatever comes first.
Today its Richard P.

I found the above description on urban, other than the hairy man bit I think it describes him perfectly.

Richard and I met many years ago when I first started at Vincents, he left a couple of weeks after I started, presumably because he hated working with me. But a desperate need for cash brought him back to the company where he ran the club below the restaurant. And there we both stayed for a while. Which was good, the banter was always in full swing and in our minds we were the mafia of that establishment.
Richard sadly left the club to run away to Edinburgh to fulfill his dream of running a coffee shop. Which he did admirably.
He was also lucky enough to share a flat with myself, Adam and Jonny Torpedo for most of 2009. I'm sure he looks back on those days with fond memories.
He served his last cafe latte about a year ago and now patrols the streets of Edinburgh as a policeman.

A Poem For Richard P

Richard is tall and not very hairy,
he slept across the hall and
is sometimes quite scary.
Now he's gone and joined the force,
an action which I fully endorse.
So when I get done for committing a crime,
he can help me get away in time.
I doubt that's true, I'm the guy he'd love to arrest
he'd beat me with his shoe, until I confessed.

I did a search on funny or for Richard P to see if anything interesting would appear. This is what I found.
It has nothing to do with Richard but I thought it was awesome and deserved to be included.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

Thats All For Now

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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