Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Hows it goin? 

It's been a pretty busy day for me. I've been busier than Tiffini Amber Thiesson. 

If you can't seen the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

I got back from Ian's wedding in Edinburgh late on Sunday night. It was a great weekend and a fantastic time to start off my wedding season.

One down, four to go.

I'll get round to writing about it soon. I should really write about his stag do first. I'll try and get it done within a couple of weeks.

Or maybe I won't. 

Maybe I'll keep it all private and not tell anyone anything, and then I'll release a tell all book.

A book chronicling my adventures at everyones stag do's and weddings.

I could reveal secrets. 

I could tell everyone what really happened to Ian's face.

I could reveal the the identity of who was lucky enough to share a bed with me in Edinburgh. 

I could tell all the behind the scenes gossip of the other weddings I am going to attend.

And I might make a couple o quid.


That's actually not a bad idea.

Ne way

Sorry I kind of went off on a tangent there.

So Monday morning came and I arrived at school early as it was my editing class. We don't get much time on these machines so I take any time I can get. And after an hour of playing about, I was done!

The movie is finished.

I have a quicktime version saved on my computer right now!

How awesome is that?

It is such a massive relief.

Anyone who was in class today will tell you how annoying I was. I spent most of the morning dancing about like a fucking idiot while I waited for the computer to compress and export my movie.

Our lecturer was ill so we were given the rest of the day off, but no rest for the wicked. I went home and immediately started burning copies of my film to DVD.  The cast will be receiving these in the next few days. As will a couple of other valuable friends who's input I greatly appreciate.
As for the rest of you. You'll just have to wait. I'll put it up on you tube in a couple of weeks.
The film came in at 13 minutes and 58 seconds, which means it'll have to be uploaded in two parts, which is annoying, but necessary.
It was supposed to be between 5 -10 but its not that big a deal.
I was quite nervous when the head of our department came in to the edit suite and asked to see a couple of films.
But as I like to say,
Bring it on!
So he sat down and watched my film.
and I quote,
"This is excellent."

"This is a professional standard production."


After hearing such a good review I decided a celebration was in order.

I bought the finest cake that Aberdeen College coffee shop had to order.

It wasn't really worth the £1.15 I paid for it.

I was chuffed at my review, although personally I can't stand the fucking film anymore. I have watched it approximately 350 times. and its starting to get on my fucking tits!

I realised that this film has essentially been reduced to a series of in jokes that only myself and about 6 other people will get.

Here's a sneak preview, if you can't see the picture very well,  double click on it and it should get bigger. 

Just like me if you rub my leg.

This particular picture features a blog page of one of the main characters, in it he is dancing to a song like a nutter.

If you read all the text in the pictures you will see it all has some relevance to me in some small way.

Who ever can explain the most references will receive a complimentary copy of the movie on DVD.

So after burning several copies of the DVD I turned to my remaining paperwork. 

I had to:
Write a script for a documentary

Tidy up the two scripts I had already written

Write up a treatment for these three documentaries

Write a cover letter and a Media CV for a fictional Job

 Write a 1000 word essay about how to start a business in the creative industries.

And I got it all fucking done!
In under 3 hours!
Hell yeah!
And I didn't even have a Red Bull (I can't afford it, but god damn I'd really, really love one tho!)

That's all my work handed in. 

As many of you know I have been a miserable bastard lately. I can honestly say this is the happiest I have felt in months!

I am still incredibly broke, but I have a couple of potential summer job opportunities on the horizon. Im still skint in the mean time but I might possibly be able to get through the summer. 

I doubt it, but maybe. Still dunno what I'm gonna do this time next year when my course is over. 
I can hear RS McColl's beckoning me now.

I am not in school again till Thursday morning, and next week is my last week. So once my lecturer marks all my paperwork, realises that 97% of it is total bollocks, that gives me a few days to fix it.

It doesn't help that I leave for Kev's Stag do on thursday afternoon and don't come back to Monday night.
So I'd say there's a good chance that I'll be doing college work in the car trips to and from Kev's stagger down south.
Speaking of Kev's stag do, I have been given an official warning regarding his safety, from his Mum.

She had a look at the photo's from Ian's stag do I uploaded to facebook. I suspect she saw the following two photo's and started to panic.

I received this comment,

Well Mr's Watt, don't worry about those pictures, Ian did that to himself, he's a very silly boy! 
I'm sorry but I can't promise anything regarding the safety of your son, you'll need to talk to the best man. Jonesy is the man in charge. I'm sure everything will be fine, after all Jonesy got through his own stag fine, he only walked away with a bit of mud in his hair.

And Ian if you are reading this, I hope you're happy! You have poor Kev's mum scared half to death.

You are a silly boy!

And if anyone is wondering how Ian did that to his face on his stag do, you'll have to wait for my tell all book!

Coming this Fall to an internet near you!

I'd like to once again say a massive thanks to all my cast and crew on the film, you guys were brilliant. You will get a DVD through your door within a few days. 

You guys were all brilliant, its just a shame the movie is shite!

Sorry, like I say I've seen it far too many times now, it's just become a blur of pictures.

Everyone who has seen it so far has enjoyed it.

Although I have been standing next to them while they were watching it and they probably felt obliged to say that.

Come to think of it I did give my Mum a copy about 8 hours ago and I still haven't heard anything from her.

Although that wouldn't stop her telling me it was crap. She has always been overwhelmingly honest with me. When I switched to contact len's after wearing glass's for several years her first words to me were,

"You look like a pedophile."

Like I said, overwhelmingly honest.

Thats All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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Will it be you?

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