Friday, 3 September 2010

Friendly Friday: Lee

Hows it goin? 
Yes, it's what you've all been waiting for, the long awaited return of Friendly Friday.
Since it was his birthday Just a few days ago I thought it would only be fair that this weeks Friendly Friday is dedicated to Lee.

I met Lee at the same time in my life I met Dr Kev. Lee has had a variety of interesting jobs in his life, including working for JJB Sports and the Disney Shop!
He has moved on from the Disney shop and now does something else.
Something to do with engineering. I think.

Lee is also the the star of one of my favourite stories about Kilts.
We were 17, and at prom. Most of the boys of course kilted up for the occasion. After prom two bus's were supplied to get us all home.  But one bus was stopping in town. Eager to carry on the night, most of us jumped on the bus to town. When we arrived at town we headed to Zoo, the club most likely to let us in.
But on the approach to Zoo we noticed something which could pose a problem. 

The Police.  

Not the pop group.

A police van was parked outside the club. We dare not attempt to get into a night club when the police are present. We were only 17 and if we got caught then we'd end up in the cells.
Problem was it was 12:55 am, and they stop letting people in at 1am. We were starting to panic.

A few minutes later the police left and a herd of kilted 17 year olds invaded the club.

At the door the bouncer clearly knew we were all 17, but it was that kind of place.

The door staff were doing a good job though. They checked everyone for a Sgian Dugh (the small knife that is kept in the sock) and if you did have one then you had to hand it in. Which is fair do's. You can't have a bunch of drunkards running about a night club with knives. That's mental.
When it came to my turn to enter the club, the doorman asked if I had a Sgian Dugh and I said no, he then waved me in. 
Lee who was right behind me got asked the same question. Lee replied quite smugly, "Yeah, of course, it's right here."
And showed the man his sporran. 

I found this to be incredibly amusing, so much so that I tell that story almost every time I wear a kilt.

I thought long and hard about what else I could say about Lee. I think this video says it all.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

Apologies for the quality of this video, it was made several years ago. I suspect Lee will like this going online though, as it shows him with more hair.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice

Andy G 

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